Kargo Brings Innovative Video Advertising Products to APAC Market

MELBOURNE, Australia, June 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kargo, an Adtech leader in attention-based, innovative advertising solutions and services for brands, retailers, agencies and eCommerce is announcing their expansion of video advertising capabilities in Australia, New Zealand, India and SEA. Kargo’s video solutions put brands front and centre with optimised creative ensuring that they are seen with the intended visual impact.

With a 15.8% increase in video predicted in the region by Magna Global, quality video advertising solutions are in high demand. Kargo has consistently demonstrated the capability to deliver extraordinary experiences on the small screen using proprietary technology design and deep integrations into our highly curated supply. Kargo has driven the advancements within the advertising industry and now has three new video solutions, delivering attention and purchase intent for brands.

  • Branded Canvas squeezes your video back with additional product imagery and messaging, driving deeper awareness & memorability.
  • The Split Card offers large real estate next to the video ad, ideal for product showcases, promotional offers or oversized call-to-action prompts.
  • The interactive execution adds subtle branding elements on top of the video for playful motion and bonus attention.

These formats have proven viewability and lift results as recent research from Mercury Analytics proves:

  • 83% Viewability rate
  • 79% Video completion rate
  • 17% Lift in brand favourability over non-exposed viewers
  • 16% Lift in purchase intent over non-exposed viewers

And in a direct comparison to YouTube video advertising, Kargo’s video solutions drove Higher CTR, more conversions with a comparable CPCV for an auto client.

“Kargo delivers a high-quality video advertising experience that works better than standard pre-roll. Their unique technology and analytics help us create campaigns that perform extremely well. With Kargo, we are confident that our video advertising is making an impact,” said Josh Chan at Razorfish.

“Kargo understands what works for consumers and brands. Enhanced video ads make brands relevant, capturing attention and increasing performance against key metrics, even above industry standards. We’re thrilled to offer our video advertising in APAC, where digital advertising, particularly video, is in a growth phase,” said Neill Pitt, the sales Director at Kargo APAC. “APAC advertisers can make a better impression with Kargo enhanced video ads.”

About Kargo
Kargo creates memorable digital advertising and content experiences. With a suite of impactful, exclusive advertising solutions, brands choose Kargo to make customer connections that count. Kargo is the leader for unique ad placements, with creative options that make the most of mobile, video, social, e-Commerce and CTV. For publishers, Kargo delivers technology that dramatically improves viewer experience, as well as inventory and page performance. Headquartered in NYC, Kargo is 500 employees strong with offices across the globe.

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