Meltwater announces new AI-powered assistants, summaries and analysis at Meltwater Summit

SAN FRANCISCO, June 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Meltwater, a global leader in media, social and consumer intelligence, today announces new AI-powered product innovations across its suite of solutions that allow customers to save time, unlock deeper insights, and take action.

With this latest release, Meltwater has solidified its leadership in AI innovation, bringing to market two new writing assistants designed to save teams time, and new AI-powered summarization capabilities that surface rich insights to customers without any manual work necessary.

Meltwater’s new AI Assistants leverage the latest technology in generative AI. The first is a PR Assistant which helps PR professionals draft press releases and personalize pitches to journalists in record time. The second is the AI Writing Assistant, powered by the ChatGPT API, which drafts highly engaging social content, saving teams time and increasing social engagement at scale. The Writing Assistant now also features a DALL-E integration, enabling users to complement posts with royalty-free images generated directly in the Meltwater app.

New advancements in AI summaries and analysis include the launch of content summarization which automatically groups thousands of news articles and social shares into a handful of relevant key themes, and spike analysis which provides reasoning behind peaks in mentions without users needing to do so manually. Both of these enable Meltwater customers to easily sift through the noise and focus on the significant changes for their brand that require action immediately.

In Meltwater’s Influencer Marketing solution, Klear, the new Visual Search dramatically simplifies the process of finding influencers relevant to a company’s goals. Marketing pros can search for creators using natural language to find visual elements in their content like objects, logos and more, enabled by Meltwater’s advanced AI image analysis, an industry-first innovation.

These updates come on the heels of Meltwater’s recent press release highlighting AI-powered product enhancements including Radarly Discovery and Video Analysis along with the first phase of the Engage ChatGPT release.

“We are really excited to be unveiling the next wave of AI-powered product enhancements at Meltwater Summit this week. These are game-changers for how today’s teams work and find value from the Meltwater suite. Our recent innovations are leveraging AI to help our customers save time and unlock deeper insights by simplifying product experiences, flattening learning curves, summarizing data patterns, and generating content,” said Aditya Jami, CTO of Meltwater.

All of these releases are being unveiled live at the Meltwater Summit event in New York on June 21-22 where PR, marketing and consumer intelligence professionals from around the world have gathered for thought-provoking and actionable sessions from the world’s top brands.

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