Meltwater unveils new Meltwater Copilot built in collaboration with Microsoft

SAN FRANCISCO, June 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Meltwater, a global leader in media, social and consumer intelligence, today unveiled its latest innovations as part of its annual Mid-Year Release. With its marquee release, Meltwater aims to reinvent the way that communications and marketing professionals interact with data through the new Meltwater Copilot, developed as part of a market-making collaboration between Meltwater and Microsoft.

Meltwater Copilot is a next-generation communications assistant built on Microsoft’s technology stack—including Microsoft, Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 —that allows users to surface real-time insights such as brand mentions, sentiment analysis, key issues, and competitive benchmarking, all within their Teams environments.

Debuting with a Meltwater Copilot App for Teams and extension for Copilot for Microsoft 365, this collaboration leverages leading AI technology from both Microsoft and Meltwater to unlock the power of Meltwater’s leading global data set, which processes more than a billion pieces of information each day.

Online information is more abundant and more valuable than ever before. AI has transformed the way teams access data, but still only 25% believe they’re fully prepared to use data effectively, and just 21% report being confident in their data literacy skills. With the world moving faster than ever before, teams need real-time insights that they can access without hours of leg work and a team of analysts.

Meltwater Copilot bridges the gap between data and insight, allowing users to interact with Meltwater data using conversational language. This means that the right insight is not only just a simple request away, but also presented in a way that is easy-to-action, empowering comms and marketing teams through data. The tool allows users to make a query in natural language directly within Teams and ask questions like — “What are the top 5 stories impacting this industry?” and “Tell me the sentiment of those stories,” – democratizing access to insights, saving time, and streamlining workflows.

Meltwater Copilot is now available to a limited group of joint Meltwater and Microsoft customers and comes as part of Meltwater’s Mid-Year Release, unveiled at Meltwater Summit in NYC, where the company showcased new functionality that will enable users to move faster, access insights with ease, and drive impact.

The innovations in the Mid-Year Release are powered by Meltwater’s AI engine, capitalizing on nearly 20 years of investment and the largest, richest, and most global dataset in the industry, paired with the latest developments in Generative AI and include:

  • The new AI search assistant, simplifying search creation in Meltwater Explore with ChatGPT APIs. Creating Boolean searches to track coverage can be time consuming and complicated. Instead of meticulously crafting searches using Boolean logic, users can now simply ask the assistant to create the search with a natural language request, unlocking time for more creative and strategic work.
  • A new unified AI assistant that runs across the Meltwater experience, capable of understanding context, making recommendations, and handling tasks ranging from writing press releases to creating reports. The Meltwater AI Assistant is fully integrated into every workflow and will free users to eliminate repetitive tasks and focus on their most strategic work.
  • Daily Digest AI Overviews, summarizing the most important news and coverage every day. Teams can start their day with a daily digest report with automatic summaries of the most relevant news each day, giving users a comprehensive overview of the main stories related to a company’s brand, competitors and industry, minimizing emerging threats as they emerge, and discovering opportunities for brand awareness as they unfold.
  • AI-Powered Influencer Discovery, which fast tracks influencer discovery with AI-powered suggested influencers. Teams can easily discover influencers who fit their campaign goals and strategy and leverage AI-generated search prompts based on brand fit.

“At Meltwater, our goal is to ensure technology serves the needs of our users. We don’t just add features for the sake of novelty or to ride the latest tech trend. Our focus is on empowering our customers to achieve remarkable outcomes with solutions that truly simplify their workflows and effort levels,” said Chris Hackney, Meltwater’s Chief Product Officer.

“The work Microsoft and Meltwater are doing will help reinvent the communications industry with the power of AI. Together we are putting tools in the hands of the practitioners that combine the art and science of communications and delivering this capability in a more natural, intuitive way where people are already getting things done – in Microsoft Teams,” said Steve Clayton, Vice President of Communications Strategy at Microsoft.

All of these releases are being unveiled live at Meltwater Summit in New York on June 25 and 26 where PR, marketing and consumer intelligence professionals from around the world have gathered for thought-provoking and actionable sessions from the world’s top brands including Microsoft, Condé Nast, TikTok, TIME, Reddit, Asana, and more.

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