New Study into Online Gambling Finds Link between Health Conditions and Excessive Screen Time

LONDON, June 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Leading iGaming brand, Minimum Deposit Casinos (MDC), has carried out a month-long comprehensive study analysing health concerns linked to online gambling and excessive screen/device use. The objective of the study is in line with raising awareness and helping strengthen interventions to promote and encourage responsible online gambling practices. One of main findings was that 41% of online gamblers surveyed experienced anxiety or depression.

The focus of the May 2023 research – emanating from too much screen use – related to health conditions such as stress, anxiety, headaches, depression, neck and back pain, sleep disorders and insomnia. Hundreds of online gamblers were surveyed across four countries – Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States. Minimum Deposit Casinos found life-changing insights into the connection between online gambling habits and these health concerns. This will be used to create more sustainable approaches for improving and helping online users limit screen time for their overall well-being in future.

Key Findings

Key findings from the study revealed significant trends across all four countries. It was observed that a substantial proportion of gamblers experienced stress or anxiety, with mobile devices being the preferred platform for online gambling. It also outlined the prevalence of headaches and migraines among gamblers, which indicates a link between the frequency of online gambling and the occurrence of these conditions.

The study further revealed the widespread presence of depression, sleep disorders, and insomnia among gamblers in all four nations. These health concerns were more prevalent among those who spent a large portion of their screen time on gambling activities.

The complete report outlining the methodology and results can be found here:

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