New Technology Can Convert Any Hotel Into an Extended-Stay Offering

Yovivo today released a feature that allows any hotel property to offer extended stays, if they wish to do so.

The extended stay trend is growing as remote work increases in popularity, and figures suggest the trajectory is going to continue. Whilst private residence bookings such as those offered on AirBnB have not shown any slowing in bookings, hotel brands are now branching out into the extended stay niche, offering facilities that apartment and villa rentals generally do not provide.

“The hotel market has to adjust, but not all brands have the ability, time or budget to adapt to consumers’ inclination towards longer trips,” says Karen Kochmann, Head of Product at Yovivo. “Remote work is quickly reshaping the travel industry, and many properties are struggling to keep up. Yovivo’s technology can help.” 

Yovivo may have the solution for hotels that wish to offer extended stays but have not yet adapted their systems accordingly. Yovivo is a hotel booking platform specializing in extended stays of one month or longer. 

Yovivo released its latest feature today, whereby travelers can request a booking from over 350,000 hotels on the platform that falls outside of their usual parameters. The “under request” booking feature means that travelers can request to stay at any property on the Yovivo platform for a month or longer, regardless of whether the property ordinarily offers extended stays. 

In the past, travelers would have to contact the property directly, locate a manager, and attempt to negotiate a longer stay for a discount. With Yovivo, travelers need only make a request on the platform, and the hotel will receive the details directly. The hotel can then decide whether to accept the request, decline it or offer a modified reservation.

“Existing channel managers are generally designed for short stays,” says Tech Lead, Derek Robins. “Yovivo displays properties with automatic inventory and without. If the user chooses a property without an extended stay, the system sends a request to the hotel’s intranet.”

Not all properties on the Yovivo platform necessarily wish to offer extended stays, but the release of this piece of technology gives them the option, both now and in the future.

About Yovivo
Yovivo consists of passionate expats, whom have lived in more than 15 countries, travel professionals and developers. Currently based on Mallorca, an international hospitality hub, it became evident that hotels are adapting their products with extended-stay bookings to become more economically sustainable, not only in their business growth but also in response to the growing trend of remote workers and digital nomads. Historically these nomads were mainly using private home rentals, but recent trends have shifted towards hotel accommodation. The idea was to create a platform dedicated to global hotel bookings to answer the demand for extended-stay accommodation at reasonable rates. 

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