Omico Brings Cutting Edge Technology Earlier in the Clinical Research Process

SYDNEY, July 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — George Clinical recognises and applauds its collaborative partner Omico, with whom it is aligned in a common goal to revolutionize oncology clinical trial access for patients and improve the efficiency of study enrollment, on the launch of their landmark program PrOSPeCT–a program that brings precision oncology trials to the Australian community by linking genomic technology to trials of new therapeutic products.

Omico is an Australian government-backed national network of leading researchers, clinicians and industry partners, including George Clinical, that are using precision medicine to unlock new potential in Australian research and turn the tide on cancer. With fast-tracked molecular screening, biomarker-led trial set up and patient enrolment across the entire nation, Omico is accelerating access to next-generation treatments and preventive strategies improving outcomes for all Australians affected by cancer.  

“Omico provides a faster, better way to perform cancer molecular screening, enroll patients and set up biomarker-led clinical trials thereby offering George Clinical, our sponsor partners, sites, and patients, the ability to match genetically eligible patients to cutting edge oncology clinical trials being conducted in Australia in a non-traditional, more efficient and direct model, said Susan Cole, global head therapeutic strategy, oncology for George Clinical.

Through the PrOSPeCT initiative, Omico is further expanding its reach by opening up new treatment paths across Australia for people with difficult-to-treat cancers including those with ovarian cancers, pancreatic cancers, sarcomas, and advanced and metastatic cancers. PrOSPeCT has three main aims: to screen a magnitude of patients that is beneficial to the Australian public and the economy with 23,000 patients to access free, cutting edge genomic screening; to match patients to precision medicines in clinical trials that are being conducted across Australia; and to create a database of real-world data that will be useful in the future for further research.

”Omico is committed to supporting the Australian life sciences industry. It is through organizations like George Clinical that we support more clinical trials in Australia, creating new jobs, while bringing hope to our patients battling cancer”, says Professor David Thomas, oncologist, founder and CEO of Omico.

George Clinical’s success with oncology trials has been driven by scientific expertise and operational excellence. The synergy between the two organizations is no better demonstrated than the current collaboration undertaking early phase molecular screening dependent trials in Australia that require the ability to combine the targeted identification of patients through the use of the Omico’s PrOSPeCT initiative to accelerate access to precision oncology, and George Clinical’s focus on the scientific objective leading to success through maximizing site selection, recruitment, and overall trial efficiencies for the best result possible.

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