Pitch unlocks the future of visual business with new AI generator

BERLIN, Nov. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pitch, the presentation platform for modern teams, today announced a significant upgrade. Pitch 2.0 redefines how teams communicate their ideas, with powerful AI tools that enrich deck creation as well as collaboration, delivery, and analysis features that drive results.

Pitch 2.0 at a glance

The new family of Pitch features broadens access to a wide range of tools and templates, and automates the hardest part of the deck creation process — getting started — so that users can focus on the most important part: turning their ideas into business success.

With Pitch 2.0, users can:

  • Jump-start presentations. The AI presentation generator is the fastest way to create new decks on any topic. The result offers the same design quality and appeal of the platform’s hand-crafted templates. With a variety of color and font pairings, users can also visualize different slide options before moving on to more customized editing.
  • Bring decks to life. New animations, like the continuity transition, transform static slides into a stunning presentation. Users can now create engaging effects to move from one slide to the next, impressing audiences and focusing their attention.
  • Know what works. Analytics links let users track how audiences are engaging with their decks. Pitch 2.0 provides a centralized place to manage all presentation links, making sharing and outreach a breeze.
  • Duplicate and iterate. Presentation creators can opt to include a new duplication button on their shared presentations, allowing audiences to save and build on their slides.
  • Add the whole team. The newly launched commenter role gives teams even more ways of collaborating with coworkers so that everyone can contribute in one shared location.
  • Choose a plan for every need. Pitch’s new range of plans includes Free, Pro, Business, and Enterprise options that cater to teams big and small.

Pitch is raising the value of the world’s ideas. With a focus on real-time collaboration, smart workflows, and intuitive design features, Pitch is the fastest way to create, share, and get insights from beautiful presentations. Founded in 2018 by the team behind Wunderlist, the platform has raised over $135M and is used by more than one million teams to drive decisions and fuel growth. To learn more and create a free account, visit pitch.com

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