Yunnan Innyo and VisitYunnan Collaborate to Launch Tourism Videos Showcasing the Ancient Tea-Horse Road


KUNMING, China, July 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Yunnan Innyo Co., Ltd. together with @visityunnan will release a series of tourism videos in May to promote the famous Ancient Tea-Horse Road in Yunnan, China. The videos will cover four themes, including “Mysterious Villages”, “Six Great Tea Mountains”, “Food and Scenery”, and “Banshan Hotel”. The videos will showcase Yunnan’s diverse culture, natural landscape, and history along the Ancient Tea-Horse Road.

The Ancient Tea-Horse Road was an important trade route connecting Yunnan, Tibet, and other countries. Caravans traveled on horseback through treacherous terrains, taking over a year to transport tea between Yunnan, Sichuan, and Tibet. The Ancient Tea-Horse Road played a pivotal role in the tea trade, posing a significant challenge in ancient China.

The road’s passage brought prosperity to the towns along the route. Fengyangyi Village, an ancient village on the Ancient Tea-Horse Road, retains its historical and cultural significance. The “Mysterious Villages” videos uncovers the mystery of these ancient villages, providing insights into their folk customs, history, culture, and authentic atmosphere.

The Six Great Tea Mountains served as the starting point for tea production, procurement, and trade on the Ancient Tea-Horse Road. They also served as distribution centers for tea. The “Six Great Tea Mountains” videos allow people to experience the grandeur of tea transportation along the road.

The Banshan Hotel, situated along the Ancient Tea-Horse Road, seamlessly blends modern facilities with local culture. Its landscape design preserves architectural aesthetics while minimizing environmental impact, offering customers a natural and high-quality experience. The “Banshan Hotel” videos provide a close-up travel perspective along the ancient road.

The “Food and Scenery” videos explore the food and historical heritage along the road. Many unique dishes, such as Dai bamboo rice, wild mushroom hotpot, and Jinuo herbal tea, let people experience the unique taste of Yunnan.

Yunnan’s charm attracts adventurers, cultural enthusiasts, and nature lovers alike. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the beauty of this land firsthand. Visit the official TikTok account @visityunnan, the official Facebook account @GoYunnan.Official, and the official Youtube account @visityunnan21 to watch the short videos and experience the unique charm of the Ancient Tea-Horse Road!

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