Is it true vendors boil batteries with corn to make them look yellower?

This is harder to answer as there are no concrete evidence or eyewitness accounts to back it up, so for now it’s just a rumor. In February of this year, Phan Van Lieu, Chairman of Hoi An Farmers, said, “The Farmers Association collaborated with local authorities to check each facility cooking corn, but did not … Read more

Is it true that they bleach coconuts here to make them whiter and more appealing to customers?

The simple answer is yes. Nguyen Trong Tan, a university student in District 10, personally witnessed the shocking practice. After purchasing an ‘extremely’ white coconut from his school’s cafeteria he forgot about it and left it in his desk overnight. The following day in class upon rediscovering the abandoned coconut Tan and his fellow classmates … Read more