A Taste of Malaysia comes to New World Saigon Hotel

The Petronas Towers, gorgeous beaches and Michelle Yeoh. If this were a Jeopardy clue, the answer would certainly be, “What is Malaysia famous for?” But a much more delicious clue could equally be “nasi lemak, biryani chicken and beef satay”. Gado Gado with homemade Peanut Sauce Once again, New World Saigon Hotel is partnering with … Read more

The Nomadic Family

The highs and lows of a family of five traveling for three years Traveling for most moderately affluent working families might be a perfectly pleasant all-inclusive week in the Caribbean, a 10-day sojourn throughout Vietnam or perhaps a lovely two weeks in Italy. For the more eccentric, it may even be a yearlong sabbatical for which families plan and invest in … Read more