Return The Greens to Ninh Van Bay by An Lam Retreats

An Lam Retreats initiates a campaign to “Return The Greens to Ninh Van Bay by An Lam Retreats” after Typhoon Damrey slammed into Coastal Khan Hoa province with category 2 strength. Coastal Khanh Hoa province was hardest hit with 14 dead and 10 injured. This is aligned with An Lam Retreats’ core brand value of … Read more

Seeking Attention

Strategies for teaching ADHD students at home According to the Learning Disabilities Association of America, Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is not considered a learning disability. But the reality is that many students who have ADD/ADHD have other associated issues, which do hinder their ability to learn according to the traditional education plan that exists in most schools. Even without additional learning disabilities, students with … Read more

Island Enlightenments

Why go to the Greek Islands? The question should really be, “Why not?” For many people, Greece is synonymous with islands. If you need a vacation from your busy mainland Greek vacation, the islands exert an irresistible pull. Explore a tight, twisty maze of whitewashed cubic houses with vibrant trim. Dig your toes into the hot sand while basking under a beach umbrella. Go for a dip … Read more