Ms. Saigon

Taking the traditional Vietnamese silk brocade well into the modern age is Thuy Design House. Dubbed “the woman of brocade,” designer and painter Thuy Nguyen experiments with traditional materials and shapes to arrive at her signature bold and resplendent designs. By reinventing traditional forms of dress such as the ao dai, Thuy liberates women to find freedom in their fashion choices and beyond. Designer: Thuy Design House Photographer: Chanh Model: … Read more

After the Quake

In search of Kathmandu’s beauty two years after the earthquake We arrived late to Kathmandu. We left the airport and negotiated with several cabbies before finding a price we were happy with—it’s actually best to find a cab outside the airport because those waiting inside need to pay a fee to enter, making the fare higher. After several unsuccessful attempts at finding our hotel, … Read more

Golf Talk

Taking its name from the golf term, Birdie Club is scoring under par Yusuke (right), Hajime (left) Yusuke Nakajima moved to Saigon from Japan two years ago in search of business opportunities in Vietnam’s fast growing economy. A bit of homesickness landed him at The First Bar, a Japanese owned bar and restaurant in District 1, where he quickly became a regular there … Read more