Power Jam

Hard Rock Cafe to Rock HCMC with New House Band The Power Jam Band, who have won The Battle of the Band in Philippines in December 1996 as well as 1st runner up of Song writing contest for MTV Asia, is to show their power performance live regularly at Hard Rock Café Ho Chi Minh … Read more

Adopt Me

February’s pet of the month is a wonderful little dog named Lucca, all the more special as he is blind in both eyes. Weighing in at about 10 kilos, Lucca is a male dog approximately 8 years old. He’s a mellow little fellow, affectionate and companionable.  He enjoys short walks around the neighborhood and loves … Read more

Saigon Mythbusters

The Myth: Is it true that in Vietnamese culture one should avoid soy sauce after surgery because it will make the scars darker? It’s a prevalent belief that consuming dark soy sauce while recovering from any major surgery or during pregnancy, which involves stretch marks, will result in dark spots or scars. The idea is that the dark pigmentation will somehow seep into one’s skin … Read more

Saigon Mythbusters

  The Myth: Is it true that there are right and wrong ways to use your chopsticks at the dining table? While this is true, some of the customs are no longer practiced in the city. The following is a list of things you should never do with chopsticks in the presence of Vietnamese people: 1) Never use them to drum on the table, … Read more

Fit to a T

We speak to Benjamin Grepinet, the brains behind the locally-based Ginkgo T-shirt brand about copycats, fair trade and his new concept store Why did you pick T-shirts as a business to go into? BG: Seven years ago while I was traveling in Vietnam, I was looking for nice graphic T-shirts with Asian-themed designs, but all I could find were low … Read more

Wherefore Art Thou?

‘Art promoter’ Alex McMillan wants to propel the art movement to the forefront with his latest project Alex, tell us about yourself. AM: Since I was 12 I was interested in audio production. I used to have a Tascam 4-Track in my bedroom on which I would record tracks of me howling and playing my guitar. I made music up … Read more

State of the Art

The second half of our two part series where Oi features local galleries and the homegrown artists they are helping to nurture Images by Quinn Ryan Mattingly Galerie Quynh 65 De Tham, D1; Level 2, 151/3 Dong Khoi, D1; www.galeriequynh.com Quynh Pham, Director I’ve noticed that the industry is dominated by mostly men, why is … Read more