Diary of a Backache

A slightly overweight 40-something chronicles his journey to wellness Day 1 It started as a niggle in my lower back two days ago, something I chalked up to sitting for too long, the occupational hazard of being a writer, I suppose. A night of agonizing back spasms through permanently clenched teeth had me Googling “Saigon … Read more

Dynamic Range

In conversation with National Geographic photographers Steve McCurry and Michael Yamashita You may not know them, but you know their work. They’ve taken you places and sharpened the way you look at the world. You’ve probably never met them, probably wouldn’t recognize them, but that’s because their job is to be invisible, to blend in. … Read more

The Thrill of the Grill

A refined new invention on Korean barbecue Perfection is an ideal that’s rarely aimed for in BBQ venues – it’s usually all about the sizzle, the smoke, and the thrill of the grill. With the recent reincarnation of Kang Nam Ga on 6B Le Quy Don, that paradigm has now changed. Under new owner James Kang, this second-tier … Read more

To Catch a Motorbike Thief

Devices that may answer Vietnam’s motorbike theft culture Having your motorbike stolen is most likely one of the worst (and common) things that can happen here. Having worked hard to earn the money for a motorbike and waking up one day to see it missing is painful, frustrating and disheartening. Enter SmartLock and SmartBike, devices designed by a team of engineers at Digi- GPS … Read more