Victoria Chau Doc Hotel, Gateway to the Mekong Delta

Set where the Chau Doc River meets the Hau River (a branch of the Mekong), most travelers treat Chau Doc as simply a waypoint on the road to Saigon, The Pearl of the Far East, or Phnom Penh,The Pearl of Asia, on the river route connecting the two, arriving late in the afternoon and leaving … Read more

Sharing gift and smiles

“We’re very proud of all our products. We never say: ‘Please buy because it’s charity.’ We say: ‘Buy because you like what we’re doing, what we’re designing.’” So says Lily Pham of her stylish Vietnam-inspired notebooks, bags and travel accessories. Immigrating to the US at the age of 11, Lily founded Viet Artisans as a … Read more

The Simple Life

Across the river but in another world, life is simpler in Thanh Da Thanh Da is to locals what Thao Dien is to expats – an oasis of greenery cooled by river breezes, an escape from the urban reality that is Ho Chi Minh City. Set on more than 1,200 acres (500 hectares), Thanh Da is actually an island (but … Read more