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Left or Right?

The Paktor app aims to take dating in Asia to the next level

Online dating is everywhere, with myriad of apps designed for different dating purposes, and even chat and social media apps function as online dating forums. Although there are […]

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Haravan, Vietnam’s Answer to Shopify

From the outside, Haravan (a shortened version of the Vietnamese phrase “hai ra vang,” meaning to pick gold like you pick fruit) resembles Shopify and, indeed, at its core they both have the same mission and operate the same way. […]

By |November 15th, 2015|Business, Found 404|2 Comments
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App Decisions

A startup at the heart of Vietnam’s mobile explosion

When Flappy Bird exploded onto smartphones worldwide, mobile app fever hit Vietnam and within a few months mobile app development became ‘sexy.’ A year later, the phenomenon of the game is still […]

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FPT seed fund has $3m for startups

FPT, Vietnam’s biggest tech corporation, has launched an FPT seed fund called FPT Ventures for innovative startups.
By |June 17th, 2015|Business, Technology|1 Comment
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Seedcom venture fund targets Vietnam startups

Seedcom venture fund targets Vietnam startups - and is building a startling success record.
By |May 26th, 2015|Business, Technology|2 Comments
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Lucky Number 21

Tech startups to keep an eye on

Earlier this year , the Ministry of Science and Technology launched the Vietnam Silicon Valley project ( – a four-month program that offers funding and mentorship to tech startups. It is still unclear how […]

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Grab it and Rock on

On just about every Ho Chi Minh City street corner there are idle xe oms waiting for a fare. Hoping to capitalize on this unused resource is GrabTaxi. The company has started to connect and incorporate xe oms into its […]

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From Here to There

Traveling in uber style

Most people in Vietnam never thought it would happen, but it has – the Uber app has arrived. The luxury transportation startup that connects users with a driver at the tap of a smartphone screen debuted in Bangkok in […]

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Wing Up

Another addictive game from Vietnam

There have been hundreds of Flappy Bird clones out ever since the simple game topped the charts across the world. Although there’s been some innovation on the original concept from the creator Dong Nguyen’s dotGEARS company like […]

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Silicon Valley Vietnam

Overseas Vietnamese should be investing in tech startups, not just sending remittances.

In 2013, overseas Vietnamese (or Viet Kieus) remitted an estimated USD11 billion into Vietnam. In 2013, Vietnam’s GDP was USD170 billion. That’s right; Viet Kieus send back so much […]

By |May 12th, 2014|Business, Technology|2 Comments