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Tra Su Bird Sanctuary - Waterbird 2- Image by Buffalo Tours (2)

Chau Doc: gateway to the Mekong Delta


Many know the border town of Chau Doc simply as a waypoint on the river route from Saigon to Phnom Penh. Weary travelers arrive late in the day, only to leave on an early boat the next morning, never really having seen this town of a little over 150,000 inhabitants. However, from holy pilgrimage sites… Read more »


Advertorial: Breathtaking Angsana Lang Co


Nestled in the foothills of Truong Son Mountains in Central Vietnam, Angsana Lăng Cô looks out over a magnificent 3 km private sandy beach on a crescent bay, creating an inviting and exhilarating location for that perfect vacation. With the Live for Family Fun offer, look forward to fun in the sun with your loved… Read more »


Entrepreneur builds a dream from a Bean Store


With the rise of successful Vietnamese entrepreneurs like Dong Nguyen and his Flappy Bird, and Nguyen Hai Ninh’s Urban Station café chain, a new Vietnamese dream has emerged. Thousands of 8x and 9x (“8x” and “9x” is local slang for those born in the 1980s and 1990s respectively) are following suit, and Vuong Nam Phung… Read more »

SC Vivo city 415

VivoCity Saigon opens doors


VivoCity Saigon opened its door Sunday (April 19) making it the second international shopping mall brand to enter Vietnam, behind Japan’s Aeon. SC VivoCity is a joint venture between Singapore-based Mapletree Investments and local supermarket operator Saigon Co-op. Mapletree will manage the centre, its fifth internationally to carry the brand; the other three are in… Read more »

Grado art studio 3

Grado Art Studio: Teaching the joy of painting


It’s a little before 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon as a little girl with a braided ponytail and a crooked smile skips into the sunlit room. Within minutes, she’s donned a paint- splattered apron and is seated in front of her easel, lips pursed in concentration as she paints an orange rainbow. The other easels… Read more »

Cheese fondue Swiss House 415

Swiss House: Oi tries Swiss cuisine in Saigon


Watches, chocolate, cheese, beautiful mountains, Roger Federer ― the tiny country of Switzerland is known for having the best of the best. However, not many people would think to include cuisine on that list. “Unlike French food, Swiss food isn’t big on presentation, but it’s value for money,” says Jack Legler, chef/owner of Swiss House… Read more »

Mango sticky rice 415

Sweet Siam: Mango and sticky rice in Saigon


While Southeast Asian cuisine is some of the trendiest on the planet, it sadly often falls short at the finish line. Traditionally incorporating unexpected and very obviously non-dessert ingredients (at least from the Western perspective) like corn, taro, yams and beans, they can end up a brain-twisting, taste bud-confusing mélange. Leave it up to the Land… Read more »

Wine baron

Baron Philippe de Rothschild: behind the wine label


Chateau Mouton Rothschild has few peers in the length and luster of its history. There are only five “first grows” (considered wines of exceptional quality) in Bordeaux, and one of them, perhaps the more charismatic winery, is Baron Philippe de Rothschild, in Pauillac (Medoc). I will never forget the first time I tried Chateau Mouton Rothschild… Read more »

Fashion 1

Plain and simple


  The áo bà ba’s simplicity and versatility has contributed to its popularity, whether in rural or urban areas it can be worn while labouring or lounging. modern versions incorporate countless different designs, colours and embroidery, which has allowed the costume to transition into high fashion   Producer: Tra My next Top Setup: hoang Dao… Read more »

Lady in red 2

Lady in red


  Producer: Nguyen Tra My Director: Hoang Dao (0123 426 2153) Photographer: Alex Cui Model: Van Quynh – 1st runner up at Miss Ocean 2014 Make up: Huynh Kim Hien Costume: Tang Thanh Cong

Dad & daughter

Who’s the boss? Maintaining authority as a parent


Our kids know we won’t hit them. That’s a rule we have, and there’s no way that’s going to change. Sure, the local side of the family tend to subscribe to the wisdom that the occasional short, sharp slap-into-line can be an effective parenting tool. Suffice it to say that we’re trying a different way…. Read more »