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Snap decisions: Collecting photography


Someone recently asked me: “Are photographic prints collectable? Can collecting photography be an investment the same way as art?” My answer is absolutely! And right now is a very good time to start collecting, right here in Vietnam. Across the world, 19th, 20th and 21st century photography have occasionally sold for millions of dollars at… Read more »

Beautiful Copenhagen

Exploring Copenhagen


Denmark’s capital through the eyes of someone who transformed from tourist to local… Copenhagen is a city where rich history meets modern innovation, a growing tourist destination, and an emerging force in the culinary world. Millions of visitors flock here every year to tour the palaces, absorb the unique Scandinavian culture, shop for Danish designs… Read more »


The Year in Travel


Lessons learned from travel stories in 2014 Travel never gets tiring. Or does it? Putting yourself literally “out there,” out of your comfort zone, and into the planes, trains, tuktuks and cyclos of the world is bound to lead to trouble. Here are some of my favorite travel stories from 2014 along with the lessons… Read more »

HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM - APRIL 28, 2014: Night view of one of the oldest neighborhoods in Ho Chi Minh

Can foreigners buy homes in Vietnam?


Oi’s legal columnists Hadrien Wolff and Marijn Sprokkereef explain what the new real estate law means for foreigners… Dear Hadrien and Marijn,  I’m an expat who’s been living here for the last seven years. My wife is Vietnamese-American, born in Vietnam but moved to the US at the age of five. As we find our life… Read more »

lonng-thanh-Airport schematic

Long Thanh Airport plan scaled back


Vietnamese authorities have reportedly scaled back plans for the new airport they want to serve Ho Chi Minh City. According to several news sources this week, the planned Long Thanh Airport will now have just one runway, not two as originally planned, to reduce costs. An unidentified government official was quoted saying the decision to… Read more »

Ann Hepfer Balance

Design advice: Don’t trip at home


Balance in design is very much like balance in life. It’s a bit of a cliché, but I can’t possibly begin without mentioning the staggering feats of equilibrium we see every day: a mound of teetering boxes minimally fastened by a bit of rope to a motorbike that carries them; huge panes of glass standing vertically… Read more »


The sweet stuff: understanding sherry wine


Sherry is an Anglicization that comes from the name of the Spanish city of “Jerez de la Frontera,” which is how these wines are named in Spain. Produced in a very small region of southern Spain, sherry is considered a fortified wine, meaning it is stronger in alcohol volume than normal grape wines, because as… Read more »

Baked Alaska by JackLee

Baked Alaska: the ultimate Valentine’s Day dessert?


Vietnam’s own celebrity chef Jack Lee is probably best known for the exotic Chinoise cuisine that he serves up to the rich and famous back in the USA. Since touching down in his native Saigon to build up his brand here – cheffing at Compass Living’s Acacia Restaurant at 149 Nguyen Du – he’s been turning… Read more »

InterContinental - Champagne Brunch - James Pham-3

Live! at the InterContinental’s Champagne Brunch


There are some words in the English language that when said aloud can make you physically cringe. The New Yorker said the runaway un-favorite was “moist” along with “slacks” and “actually”. Time Magazine proposed “twerk”, “om nom nom nom” and “feminist” (for which it later apologized) among words that should be banned in 2015. On… Read more »

Oi Vietnam - Feb 2015_zombie__DSC0042_NT

Ribs to die for…


Zombie BBQ emerges as Saigon’s newest American BBQ joint Zombies are so hot right now. Nicholas Hoult played a sexy one in Warm Bodies. Brad Pitt scrambled for a cure in World War Z. And The Walking Dead garnered 17.3 million viewers for its latest season premiere, making it the most-watched drama series telecast in… Read more »

Fashion 1

Plain and simple


  The áo bà ba’s simplicity and versatility has contributed to its popularity, whether in rural or urban areas it can be worn while labouring or lounging. modern versions incorporate countless different designs, colours and embroidery, which has allowed the costume to transition into high fashion   Producer: Tra My next Top Setup: hoang Dao… Read more »

Lady in red 2

Lady in red


  Producer: Nguyen Tra My Director: Hoang Dao (0123 426 2153) Photographer: Alex Cui Model: Van Quynh – 1st runner up at Miss Ocean 2014 Make up: Huynh Kim Hien Costume: Tang Thanh Cong

Kids with TV

Tablet teacher: how tech is changing education


Michael Arnold considers the culture clash between the television generation and today’s tablet generation… In a recent article warning parents about the evils of modern technology, an elderly doctor writes about a father who had brought his son in for a check-up. The doctor examined the child and pronounced that he had a chest infection. He was… Read more »