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Become a Warrior King


Discovering the beauty of Ghana while volunteering. The 4×4 trundles along the dirt path strewn with rocks, the odd shoe or tire lining the route underneath blossoming orange trees. austere mud houses, primitive graffiti and obscure parliament benches where locals hang out and the obligatory spot where beer is sold – these symbols typify the… Read more »


On the Dock of the Bay


One man escapes frenetic Saigon to find serenity on a remote resort in Nha Trang Reclining in a speedboat looking back at the jetty I watch the two An Lam Villas Ninh Van Bay staff who greeted me at the mainland check-in facility waving to me. It’s as if they represent the real world saying… Read more »




Getting lacquered in Old Hoi An For the past seven months, I have been painting and drawing in Hoi An. I have watched the change of seasons and witnessed the drama that major weather events bring to the lives of people who inhabit this peaceful corner of Vietnam. Since October a rice crop has been… Read more »


From Here to There


Traveling in uber style Most people in Vietnam never thought it would happen, but it has – the Uber app has arrived. The luxury transportation startup that connects users with a driver at the tap of a smartphone screen debuted in Bangkok in February, Beijing in April, and Jakarta in June. This month it reached Ho Chi… Read more »


Starting a Business in Vietnam


Dear Hadrien, My Vietnamese girlfriend and I want to open a coffee shop here. We are very excited about the plan and really can’t wait to get started. However, I have little knowledge about the administrative procedures that we will need to go through. Can you give me some advice please? Congratulations on your startup… Read more »


Drama Club Event


RMIT Vietnam Drama Club has set August 15 as the premier day of their play “Bang Bang You Are Dead”. The premier will be held at 5:30pm in Vietnam Student Cultural House, 643 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 1, D3. The event will feature drama actor Đình Toàn, Merited actress Mỹ Duyên, Đại Nghĩa, singer Thái Trinh, model Dương… Read more »


The Myth


Is it true that the best time to shop for bargains is right when the shop opens because there’s a Vietnamese belief called “mo hang” – meaning that the first sale of the day will bring them good luck – so the shop owner can’t refuse the first offer because it’ll be bad for business?… Read more »


Memories of Granada


A new tapas restaurant offering the flare and flavors of Spain in Phu My Hung. Some nights are unforgettable; they have a permanence about them that can rise to the surface even decades beyond the morning after. For new restaurateur Jeff Noble, that memorable night occurred during his student days while travelling through Andalusia with friends… Read more »


The Religion of Barbecue


TnT BBQ is making new converts…. People say that if you want to start a fight in the US South, just bring up football, religion or barbeque. It’s been described as a metaphor for American culture, this worship at the altar of “Low and Slow,” with parishioners fervently divided between the four denominations of barbeque styles:… Read more »




Where trendy chic meets Italian homemade goodness Head to a bettola in Italy and you’re likely to find a (sometimes literal) hole in the wall establishment, a family-run dive with mismatched water glasses and nary a menu to be seen, where the cook is also the waiter, busboy and maître d’, serving up whatever happens… Read more »


Royale Chic


Drawing from the ancient traditions of Hue, designer Huynh Hai Long captures the culture of this imperial city with his new collection. Green grass hugs the curving line of the Perfume River where traditional attire merges with modernity to create seamless beauty. Producer: Nguyen Tra My Set up: Hoang Dao (hoangdao@swot.vn) Photographer: Vu Minh Tuan… Read more »


Gear Up


Travel gear is all about enhancing your travel experiences. With the wrong gear, your entire trip could be jeopardized. On the other hand, the right gear can take your travels to the next level 1. Stashing the Cash Keep your secret stash of bills safe from pickpocket with the Travelon money belt (Nylon USD15, Leather USD60). I’ve worn this while… Read more »


Question Everything


Making sure schools have the right answers The school year has ended and as parents you are either reflecting upon the year at your present school or preparing to move to a new posting in another country. Selecting a school for your family is one of the most important, yet difficult, decisions that you will make. This… Read more »