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AOLH Pool - Blue Waves Bar

Advertorial: Alma Oasis Long Hai


Alma Oasis Long Hai is literally an oasis just 90 minutes away from Saigon. Alma Oasis Long Hai is designed to be the perfect idyllic resort for anyone wishing to spend a peaceful beach holiday whilst being surrounded by lush greenery and a gorgeous hilltop panoramic view. So close to  Ho Chi Minh City, its… Read more »

Fashion 1

Plain and simple


  The áo bà ba’s simplicity and versatility has contributed to its popularity, whether in rural or urban areas it can be worn while labouring or lounging. modern versions incorporate countless different designs, colours and embroidery, which has allowed the costume to transition into high fashion   Producer: Tra My next Top Setup: hoang Dao… Read more »

Lady in red 2

Lady in red


  Producer: Nguyen Tra My Director: Hoang Dao (0123 426 2153) Photographer: Alex Cui Model: Van Quynh – 1st runner up at Miss Ocean 2014 Make up: Huynh Kim Hien Costume: Tang Thanh Cong

Orient Spa 2

Advertorial: Beauty before age


Consider these nonsurgical ways to lift, tighten and tone skin… With the advance of new high tech beauty solutions, the phrase “turn back the clock on your skin” is no longer just a saying. New nonsurgical treatments are claiming to reverse the natural aging process. Oi discusses new skin rejuvenation technology with Dr. Ho Xuan Vuong (Medical… Read more »