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Can Tho: The Queen of the Mekong Delta


A PLAIN TUNIC. A fragile canoe floating silently on the river. A conical hat worn just off center. A flock of swallows flying over rice fields ripe for harvesting. So goes the imagery in Chiec Ao Ba Ba, one of Vietnam’s most beloved songs from the 70s, a melancholy melody that paints a picture of… Read more »

Food Travel (OiVietNam) (OiVietNam)

Integrating food into your travels


ON THE SHARED nature of food, American chef and food writer James Beard said, “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” I love the way that food, or more specifically, the sharing of food, has a unique way of bonding people, transcending all barriers, be they language, financial or cultural. While visiting museums and… Read more »

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A Rickshaw Race through India


Seeing India while racing down pothole-laced roads in a three-wheeled rickshaw THE AUTO RICKSHAW labored down the ink-dark road. Oncoming giant trucks barreled toward us, blinding us with their headlights. The rickshaw dangled within centimeters of the road’s shoulder. My driving partner, Keith King, and I were beyond exhausted. It was nearly 10pm and we… Read more »

Clothing factory

Options for setting up a factory in Vietnam


Dear Hadrien and Marijn, My name is Julia and i am a fashion designer from Spain. i often travel to Vietnam to get inspiration for my new creations and recently realized that i want to take my visits to another level. i am now thinking of opening a small factory in ho Chi Minh City… Read more »


Anantara Hoi An Promotion


Book a minimum two-night stay to receive a wealth of indulgent rewards at Anantara Hoi An (www.hoi-an.anantara.com). Ease into your day with an enticing breakfast buffet. Enjoy 20% discount throughout the stay on heavenly 90-minute oil massages and the finest of local and international cuisines. When available, Short Breaks stays are eligible for complimentary room… Read more »

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Abracadabra: Petey Majik Has Got the Tricks


WHEN THE FIRST book on magic, Discoverie of Witchcraft, was printed in 1584, its purpose was to argue against the persecution of witches and charlatans. For many, the unexplainable was simply the Devil’s work. In the centuries that followed, Harry Houdini and David Copperfield continued to beguile, leaving audiences pondering what was real and what… Read more »

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Barcelona Bouillabaisse


A delicious French stew inspired by the Mediterranean coast Traveling as a chef gives you a different perspective on the places you visit. While most people are checking out the sights and experiences each city has to offer, chefs are always keeping their eyes on the cuisine – and we tend to spend a lot… Read more »

Sauvignon Blanc Glasses Terroir Terrcae (Copy)

New Zealand’s Rise in New World Winedom


THE RISE OF New Zealand wines in the last 30 years has been nothing short of meteoric. Thirty years ago New Zealand wines were hardly consumed outside the country but now they’ve become serious players in the international wine scene. Although most of the major grape varieties are planted in New Zealand, the two star… Read more »

Fashion 1

Plain and simple


  The áo bà ba’s simplicity and versatility has contributed to its popularity, whether in rural or urban areas it can be worn while labouring or lounging. modern versions incorporate countless different designs, colours and embroidery, which has allowed the costume to transition into high fashion   Producer: Tra My next Top Setup: hoang Dao… Read more »

Lady in red 2

Lady in red


  Producer: Nguyen Tra My Director: Hoang Dao (0123 426 2153) Photographer: Alex Cui Model: Van Quynh – 1st runner up at Miss Ocean 2014 Make up: Huynh Kim Hien Costume: Tang Thanh Cong


Teens and the Theory of Knowledge


The power of not knowing THEY SAY THAT knowledge is power but in the internet connected world of the 21st century, knowledge is so plentiful and abundant that if knowledge really does equate with power we should all be much more powerful than we were just a few years ago. It would seem though, that… Read more »