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About Data Putra Sembiring

Dr. Data Putra Sembiring graduated from Bogor Agricultural University in Indonesia. Before working as a veterinary surgeon at Animal Doctor International Vietnam, he worked with German Primate Center (Siberut Conservation Program) and a private animal clinic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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V For Vaccination

Making sure your animals are vaccinated against common diseases is an important part of owning pets

Vaccination, or immunization, is the administration of antigenic material (a vaccine) to stimulate an individual’s immune system to develop adaptive immunity. The vaccination will only be able to make the antibody, which […]

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Social Security

The importance of socialization for puppies and kittens

Dogs and cats are similar to human beings, before they start their journey as a member of our family they need time to adapt to their new home and their surroundings. So, in order to obtain a friendly, easy going […]

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