Saigon’s Super Bowl

The C-note pho hits all the right notes It’s hard to imagine a dish more humble than pho—a peasant soup of stewed bones a la the French pot-au-feu combined with Chinese-style fan noodles and topped with fresh herbs. You can still find the rare bowl for less than USD1, but only at a mom-and-pop cart … Read more

Rediscover A Classic

A long-time favorite, Xu is still going strong with its ambitious, mostly assured nouvelle Vietnamese cooking Xu Restaurant Lounge (71-75 Hai Ba Trung, D1) is in the heart of the upscale area of District 1. Xu is trendy and a place filled to the brim with the hopes that something story-worthy will happen that night—similar … Read more

Cocktail Dinner at Intercontinental Asiana Saigon

MIXING A COCKTAIL IS MORE THAN JUST GETTING THE PROPORTIONS RIGHT Discover the collection of exciting mixology creation cocktails inspired by 8 Top Bartenders from Singapore who will showcase their talent by putting as much effort and creativity into the presentation of their sophisticated cocktails as they do the taste. You can expect nothing but … Read more