Bridging the Gap

Saigon’s soundtrack is unmistakable. Drills. Hammers. Machines at work. On every block, around every corner, the city is being razed and remodeled making way for renovation and growth. This onslaught of urbanization and globalization is leaving lasting impressions on Saigon’s future. But what will become of the precarious dance between old and new? Can there … Read more

Forest for the Trees

Some of District 1’s best restaurants are not on the main thoroughfares you expect to find them White Forest (14bs Nguyen Dinh Chieu, D1) is big, bold and beautiful. A blend of Scandinavian and European design and handmade Vietnamese furniture makes this an urban oasis, an ideal place to chill for a wine, tapas or … Read more

Travel Warnings

How to be the world’s smartest traveler In almost 30 years of international travel, I’ve really only been in trouble twice. Once was during a trip to Phnom Penh in the mid- 90s when it was something akin to the Wild West. A group of us were coming back from dinner at barely 9pm. As the last entered the gate, two … Read more

Pay it Forward

Taking mobile payment in Vietnam to the next level With smartphones on the rise and the digital payment platform still a black hole, will 1Pay become the PayPal of Asia? 1Pay from Vietnam seems to think so. The startup, formed earlier this year, is focused on making payments for digital goods using your smartphone a reality here. The basic idea is that … Read more