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The problem with most computer devices and techie stuff these days, is that if you haven’t got a degree in computer science and information technology, it all just kind of goes over your head.

Well it does mine, anyway. The people selling or demonstrating it don’t help either. They are generally technology savvy and the minute they start to speak, I find my eyes glazing over.  It was refreshingly different to meet up with a guy who has a great product and knows exactly how to go about explaining its uses. Kevin Doan is a young man whose company MNS is the Vietnamese distributor for an amazing piece of Taiwanese technology, called Synology DiskStation.


This piece of hardware has so many uses, I could fill up the magazine talking about it.  It is ostensibly a web based operating system, designed to assist you in managing all your data. It can be accessed using PC or Mac, Apple or Android.

The great strength of Synology DiskStation is the way it uses multiple discs to store the information. It puts together 4 terabyte hard drives in groupings from three all the way up to a staggering 106 in their top of the range model – that’s a mind blowing 424 terabytes of storage space. Even more clever is the way that it stores data on these drives, even on the lower end models. If any two of the five discs breakdown at the same time, no data is lost.  It is all available on the three remaining discs.  If the machine itself breaks down, the discs are protected.

Synology DiskStation operates an intuitive web-based operating system that is specifically designed to facilitate the management of all your data. They call this system DiskStation Manager (DSM). It helps you manage both your entertainment and business needs, seamlessly.


OK, so what can it do? Ever wish you could manage your surveillance cameras at different sites, at the same time, from any PC, laptop or hand held device? 

The package Surveillance Station lets you control live feeds from up to 49 channels simultaneously. The images from these cameras can be scheduled to record at any specific time. Recordings can also be archived to review at your leisure. Not just live viewing, but the cameras themselves, can even be controlled from your phone, if necessary. With 360º fish eye cameras, high definition and multiple viewing options, this is about as good as it gets. Access from any of the cameras can be assigned to any member of your staff, or not, as required.

Have you ever had issues over backing up your company’s files?

If you have multiple work stations within your organization, you can safeguard all of them by backing up automatically to your Synology DiskStation.  It can even be set to act as the hard drives for all of your computers, keeping disc space free on the individual machines, to speed up their functionality. It does all this in a ‘blind’ way. Your operatives will not even notice the difference.

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Do you ever have the need to use a VPN service or your own DNS Server?

The package VPN Server transforms your DiskStation into a fully functioning VPN server. A VPN channel can be set up using two DiskStations to act as server and client. This allows instant access between two offices. There is no need for you to use any other physical server.  You can host your own domain name services and keep track, anywhere within your organization.

That’s all well and good, but does it have domestic applications? Many of us have been stuck in a hotel room and wished we had access to our photographs, music or DVD collection, haven’t we?

Store your entire entertainment collection on your Synology DiskStation and you can access it from your laptop or even your phone, anywhere, anytime, any place. All your favourite photos, music tracks or movies are instantly accessible, as though they were simply on your mobile device’s hard drive. Not only that but you can share your collection with friends and access theirs if they have a Synology DiskStation as well. In addition your Synology DiskStation will record any movie or TV channel at the click of a mouse.  You can even record one programme while watching another.  Live streaming is no problem. Watch your favourite sports team for example, live anywhere in the world. Use Synology mobile apps and you can interact with your DiskStation while you are on the go. You can tell your Synology DiskStation to record that favourite TV program, then watch it when you get home. Add to this the fact that many different family members in different locations can all log in and access the data at the same time, and it’s not hard to see the appeal.

Away on business and missing the kids?

There’s absolutely no need to.  With a camera in your home you can see them on your phone. They might be enjoying Sunday lunch and you might be stuck with pot noodles, but at least you get to share a family meal with them.

There seems to be no end to the uses of this machine.  Just imagine that you are a bar owner and you are away on business.  You can check security cameras in your bar via your mobile phone. You can even change the music that is being played in the bar and set the TVs to watch tonight’s big game.

MNS has already built up an impressive client list here in Vietnam. KFC, Moet Hennessy, Bitexco, Bobby Chinn restaurant and Chilli Pub are among customers delighted with the results.

Personally speaking, I have to say that this is one of the most amazing innovations I have come across, since the invention of the home computer.  It has the capacity to completely revolutionise the way we think about our devices.

And as for that other all important question … yes, it looks cool as well.
For more info visit: www.mns.vn/en/


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