Hello Moto

Revolutionizing the way Vietnamese people grab motorbike taxis In the April issue of Oi we wrote about Tappxi, a mobile app that’s attempting to give travelers a better experience when taking a taxi in Vietnam. But guess what? Tappxi isn’t the only interesting tech startup in Vietnam that is attempting to take transportation here to the next level. There’s Alo Xe Om in Hanoi. … Read more

A Fixed Focus

People coming together to share information, experience, and knowledge in all aspects of photography For Chien, the Vice President of the Senior Photography Club, photography is a life-long pursuit. As a teenager he tried to pursue it as a career but harsh conditions during the American War and family obligations forced him to abandon it for a more financially stable job. Now … Read more

Saigon Mythbusters

  The Myth: Is it true that there are right and wrong ways to use your chopsticks at the dining table? While this is true, some of the customs are no longer practiced in the city. The following is a list of things you should never do with chopsticks in the presence of Vietnamese people: 1) Never use them to drum on the table, … Read more