Cool and Laid – back

To the hipster city dwellers out there, the name L’Usine needs no introduction. It’s known as a retail and café space for the young and trendy. “The concept behind L’Usine is a place where people go to be inspired. One can be inspired by one’s environment, by what one eats, what one wears, or even simple items one decorates with,” says Tib, one of its founding members.

There is no simple way to describe what the space has to offer for eager shoppers except that if you enjoy a laid-back, crisp and artsy style, then this perfect is for you.


“Everything needs to be cohesive. Everything needs to be synergic. Nothing in L’Usine was put there without a reason behind it. Some of them we designed and created ourselves. Some of them were sourced from other countries, other galleries and art houses. Every single thing is carefully selected to fit in with the arching theme of L’Usine,” says Tib.


Oi’s Pick: Lab Table Lamp (Inquire in store)
You do not choose this lamp. This lamp chooses you. For the ordinary Saigonese out there, hunkered down with the everyday demands of life in the urban city, this doesn’t look like something to spend one million plus dong on. But for the art lovers and open thinkers out there, this is a work of industrial art. The black metal framework, wiring and bulb are all designed, made and assembled by District 8, a local company in the L’Usine family. It is not a gift for just anyone, but for the few who can appreciate its edgy, clean and sophisticated beauty. This is a gift to die for.


1st Floor, 151/1 Dong Khoi, D1

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