Eating for Prosperity

Food is the cornerstone of any Tet celebration. So in keeping with the festive spirit, we’ve rounded up a number of places where you can enjoy some essential New Year’s dishes.

Caravelle Hotel
19-23 Lam Son Square, D1

The hotel is hosting a mouthwatering Lunar New Year buffet dinner of Asian, Western, and traditional Tet delicacies at Restaurant Nineteen every evening from January 30 to February 5. Families and friends can indulge in an extensive array of time-honored Tet delicacies, ocean-fresh fish and seafood, and imported grilled and barbecued meats. The East-meets-West spread will feature local dishes such as beef in la lot leaves and banh xeo alongside international classics such as red wine poached beef tenderloin, saffron-marinated chicken, and Chinese whole steamed fish.
Cost: Inquire at [email protected]


Hotel Majestic Saigon
1 Dong Khoi, D1

The Lunar New Year’s Eve gala dinner at Prima Hall (5th Floor) includes a buffet with free flow of house wines, soft drinks, and water. Entertainment consists of a dragon dance, a New Year LED dance, live music, and a fireworks show.
Cost: VND1,999,000/adult; VND999,000/child (below 1.2 meters)

The New Year gala dinner at M.Bar (8th Floor) includes a buffet dinner and free flow of house wine, soft drinks, and water. Entertainment consists of a dragon dance, a New Year dance, live music, and a fireworks show.
Cost: VND2,499,000/adult; VND1,249,000/child (below 1.2 meters) with a 10 percent discount for early purchase 15 days before the event.


Intercontinental Asiana Saigon
Corner of Le Duan and Hai Ba Trung, D1

A lion dance performance will be held in the hotel lobby at 10:00am on January 31, where you’ll have a chance to watch a local troupe ring in the Year of the Horse.

Yu Chu
Yee-Sang Salad, or Prosperity Toss, is a popular dish believed to bring luck and prosperity to everyone. This shared raw fish salad is colorful and the act of tossing the salad together symbolizes ushering in prosperity and abundance for the coming New Year.
Cost: Yee Sang Salad priced at VND250,000 (serves up to 2), VND400,000 (serves up to 6) and VND550,000 (serves up to 10).

Market 39
Along with an international and Vietnamese buffet, delicacies include barbecued pork, seafood, Vietnamese caramelized pork with egg, Tet
sticky rice cakes and much more.
Cost: Buffet lunch priced from VND498,000++/person including free flow of tea and coffee. Buffet dinner priced from VND899,000++/person including free flow of selected house wines, Tiger draught beer, soft drinks and signature.

TET FLOWER_DSC_0877_120120_NT

Lotte Legend Saigon
2A-4A Ton Duc Thang, D1

From January 31 to February 3 the hotel’s Atrium Café will feature a Tet buffet. Their local chefs will be adding traditional Tet specialties and Vietnamese delicacies from Northern, Central, and Southern regions of Vietnam to their standard international spread. Diners can expect gio thu (pig’s head paste), dua hanh (pickled welsh onion), cu kieu (pickled scallion heads), goi luon nuong hanh tay (grilled eel with onion salad), goi hai san thom (seafood with pineapple salad), ca ri vit (duck curry), and much more. All will be complemented with a free flow of beer, soft drinks, coffee and tea for lunch; wines, beer, cocktails, fresh fruit juices, soft drinks, coffee and tea for Saturday & Sunday brunch; and wines, beer, cocktails, soft drinks, coffee and tea for dinner.
Cost: VND550,000++ for lunch, VND880,000++ for Saturday & Sunday brunch and VND940,000++ for dinner. Children from four to 12-years-old are half price.


New World Saigon
76 Le Lai, D1

From January 31 to February 14, gather your family and friends for a Tet lunch or dinner at Parkview to enjoy traditional Vietnamese and Chinese dishes, local and imported specialty seafood delights, homemade Yee Sang, and much more.
Cost: Lunch is priced at VND668,000, while dinner is priced at VND968,000. Including tea, coffee, soft drinks, house wine and sparkling wine.

On January 31, Dynasty offers Tet lunch featuring a sumptuous array of dim sum and Chinese delicacies and a Tet card to ensure a healthy and prosperous year of the horse.
Cost: Priced at VND888,000 per person. Including complimentary Chinese tea made from their own special blend.

Bring Tet to Your Home
From January 15 until February 14, celebrate with a delicious and healthy meal in the comfort of your home. Choose from either Dynasty style deep-fried chicken stuffed with seafood and sticky rice, served with broccoli, cauliflower and sesame spring onion sauce, Chui Chow style marinated duck, deep-fried bean curd, red chili and garlic vinegar or Hong Kong style roasted suckling pig, steamed buns, vegetable pickle and hoisin sauce.
Cost: Priced from VND1,650,000, and no matter which set of gourmet delicacies you choose, you’ll receive a complimentary bottle of wine as well as free delivery to Districts 1 and 3.


Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon
8-15 Ton Duc Thang, D1

Ring in a happy Lunar New Year by celebrating with your loved ones at Riverside Café. There will be a delicious array of traditional favorite dishes during the Tet celebrations including Vietnamese vegetable roots pickle (dua mon) accompanied with sticky rice with pork & mung bean filling (banh chung), traditional cold cuts (cac mon thit nguoi truyen thong), and delicious braised pork with egg in fresh coconut juice (thit kho nuoc dua). For desserts, the highlights will include a selection of Vietnamese sweet candies (mut) with traditional coconut and ginger candy (mut dua va mut gung).
Cost: Inquire at 3822 0033.

Pic provided by Windsor Plaza

Windsor Plaza
18A An Duong Vuong, D5

Café An Dong
Available every Thursday and Friday in January, savor rotisserie roasted whole pig over an open fire and served alongside vegetables and sauces. For a sweet treat, experience the sweet flavors of vanilla cake with white peanut butter ganache and crushed roasted peanuts. Additionally from January 25 to February 15, dine on a traditional Tet feast featuring sticky rice cakes, dried fruits, and many more Vietnamese favorites. From January 31 to February 2, the God of Fortune will visit with lucky envelopes for all.
Cost: Lunch buffet: Monday to Friday is VND318,000++/person; Saturday, Sunday & Holidays is VND338,000++/person. Dinner Buffet: Monday to Friday is VND488,000++/person; Saturday, Sunday & Holidays is VND518,000++/person.

Ngan Dinh Restaurant
Available from January 1 to 26, Ngan Dinh Restaurant is proud to present a feast of nine authentic Chinese dishes in a unique set menu. This delicious meal features roasted suckling pig, pan-fried beef with black pepper, steamed garoupa with lotus leaf, and much more.
Cost: Each order includes ten glasses of Pineapple Green and is VND3,188,000++ for ten people.


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