The Ties that Bind

On April 25, fifteen staff members from SCS Vietnam, an accounting and tax service firm, visited Sunrise Special School 2 for a storytelling and activity afternoon. Sunrise Special School 2 is a high school and vocational training center for students with intellectual and physical disabilities, and is one of the many schools supported by the Loreto Vietnam-Australia Program.

The students warmly greeted the visitors and introduced themselves, proudly showing off their classrooms and work. After the students and SCS staff were well acquainted, the real fun began! The students were organized into small groups for story time and were so engrossed in the tales that they couldn’t take their eyes off the colorful pictures. After the stories had been read, the students excitedly participated in craft activities related to the stories.

Colored paper, crayons and art materials filled the rooms as the students began busily creating their artwork. Upon completion the students giggled excitedly knowing that they could take these home to show their parents. The bonds formed that day between the students and SCS team are ones which will nurture lifelong memories for all involved and is the driving force behind SCS’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program. SCS employees are no strangers to engaging in charity work. In recent months they partnered with the Loreto Program in attending a bike distribution project in Tra Vinh Province and organizing a Talent Quest with students from Nguyen Dinh Chieu School for the Blind. – By Steph Giles

SCS Vietnam (www.scs-vietnam. com) provides corporate establishment, accounting and taxation services in Vietnam. Loreto Vietnam-Australia Program ( is a registered International Non-Government Organization that began operating in Vietnam in 1997 and has since reached out to over 25, 000 underprivileged and disabled children in Ho Chi Minh City, Tien Giang, Tra Vinh, Ca Mau, Phu Yen and An Giang

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