Unplanned Parenthood

A day inside an abortion center My morning shift at the Reproductive Healthcare (RH) Center had ended. I’d recently been transferred to the pre-abortion counseling room from the youth-only examination room across the hall, and it was time for lunch. I’d set out for Vietnam from the US under the auspices of a research grant to understand … Read more

Surprising Sapa

Around every corner is something that you have never seen or maybe never experienced before. To visit Sapa or the surrounding districts is to step into another world. Sometimes, it doesn’t even feel like you are still in Vietnam. Elevated, ethereal, energizing, exotic, Sapa took me by surprise. I imagined some kind of French style, … Read more

Ship to Shore

Traveling the world as cruise ship crew… Working on cruise ships is one of the most unique jobs there is, and one of the best ways to travel the world. And because it’s such a unique lifestyle, people often ask me what it’s really like. It’s a tough life. I don’t get to choose where … Read more