Dogs Without Borders

In conversation with Mieke Hoekman about, a website about traveling internationally with your pet, because man’s best friend is also man’s best travel and adventure companion When and why did you move to Vietnam? About eight years ago I was traveling with a friend through Asia. We bought some Honda Wins and drove from southern to northern Vietnam … Read more

Mom, Are We There Yet?

Families who vacation together, stay together There’s one crucial insight that is often ignored when planning for a vacation with young children. Many parents, exhausted from their duties as indentured servants to their preschool masters, can’t wait to off on a family holiday and stretch out while their kids are happily digging in the sand or looking … Read more

Pack Like a Pro: Part 2

List, check and bundle… In last month’s column, I talked about the joys of traveling with carry-on only, including what to pack (anything needed in transit and what you wouldn’t want lost, damaged or stolen) and how to manage your carry-on in transit. We’re continuing with that theme and I’m joined by Ali Garland, author of … Read more

Ship to Shore

Traveling the world as cruise ship crew… Working on cruise ships is one of the most unique jobs there is, and one of the best ways to travel the world. And because it’s such a unique lifestyle, people often ask me what it’s really like. It’s a tough life. I don’t get to choose where … Read more