A Day of Pampering

Whisk yourself away for a day of indulgence and relaxation.

Modern cities are a cacophony of honking horns, trucks, cars, bikes, motorcycles and huge chunks of humanity. It’s enough to drive anyone to seek therapeutic help, myself included. Seeking some much-needed pampering, I head to Maison Mikio Boutique Salon in the quiet neighborhood of Phu My Hung.


Treatments here run the gamut – from hair and scalp treatments using L’Oréal Professionnel and Japanese brand Milbon, to traditional foot massage, waxing and nail services. The spa offers all the services you’ll need to look your best, from the latest hairstyle to fresh-off-the-runway nail trends. Maison Mikio skin care services use Nuskin products together with a machine that emits a galvanic current to massage the face and neck – one of the best ways to drive ingredients deep into the skin and also to draw out impurities, dramatically reducing the aging process by targeting its ultimate sources. They also use the latest in Ageloc technology, a treatment that revives, invigorates and firms the skin, while smoothing lines and wrinkles.

As I stepped into the salon I was immediately greeted at the door, and after a brief consultation I was told that Jun would be taking care of me. Jun was everything I needed in a stylist. He greeted me with enthusiasm, asked about my hair’s current condition, and discussed what I wanted. All I said was that I wanted bangs – and I think that excited him, because it meant he had free creative reign. He examined my hair and face shape again, and explained in detail what he could do and what he was actually going to do. He even asked me if I was okay with his plans, just so we were on the same page. I really appreciated his energy and care.


The entire process was great. It took 1.5 hours to wash, cut, dry, and style my hair. I definitely recommend Jun if you’re looking for someone personable, who knows hair, and is there to make you feel good about it.

To continue my day of pampering, I followed the makeover with a soothing foot massage. At VND600,000 for an hour session, they worked from my back down to my lower back then focused on feet for the final 30 minutes of so – adjusting the pressure as needed. I enjoyed the more powerful approach, but that’s just because I’m working through years of stress.


Maison Mikio was founded by Korean beauty industry experts Mikio and his sister. The spa is spacious and built around an open concept, designed with sleek black and white color schemes, smooth concrete floors and oversized mirrors in a marriage of modern and vintage elements. Floor to ceiling windows with gauze curtains make the interior feel bright and uplifting. Light jazz music plays in the background, never too loud that you can’t doze for a minute, but present enough to give a lift to your mood. The staff are fluent in English, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese, and there are separate spaces for male and female guests as well as space for couples. A bar with a full cocktail, wine and coffee menu ensures that a visit to Maison Mikio can also be a good night out.

Maison Mikio is located in Garden Plaza 2 (8 Ton Dat Tien, D7; Facebook: “Maison Mikio Boutique Salon”). In addition to the usual hair cutting, coloring, perm and hair/scalp treatments, the spacious two-story salon also does nails, waxing and skincare. Hair-related services are done on the cheerfully open ground level while skin treatments are cared for upstairs, in one of two VIP rooms, a massage room or a manicure/pedicure nook. In November, the salon is offering 20 percent off on hair coloring, waxing, all skin care treatments, mani/pedi and foot massages.

Images courtesy of Maison Mikio

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