Victoria Nui Sam Lodge

Find your spiritual paradise at the Victoria Nui Sam Lodge

Located on the side of Sam Mountain, just a complimentary 20-minute shuttle ride from the charming riverside town of Chau Doc, the Victoria Nui Sam Lodge offers beautifully constructed stone bungalows and villas overlooking the plains down below with uninterrupted views stretching into Cambodia. Its unique location makes the lodge feel like a secluded, idyllic getaway, while being a short ride away from Chau Doc’s restaurants and attractions.

One of Vietnam’s holiest sites, Nui Sam (Sam Mountain) and its surrounds is home to of dozens of temples and shrines, each unique in architecture and style, thanks to its proximity to Cambodia, making the area a melting pot of religions including Cham, Buddhism, Hinduism and mother- goddess worship.

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The most famous holy site of all is the Lady Xu Temple. Legends and oral traditions abound of this sacred, slightly larger than life-sized statue with mocha- colored skin, and an enigmatic smile that lights up her broad face. Usually in May, upwards of two million pilgrims journey to the base of Nui Sam for her annual festival, hoping to have their wishes granted by the lady herself. (If you go, don’t forget to visit the showroom upstairs where cabinets full of ornate costumes and headdresses are on display. Lucky envelopes containing snippets of one of Lady Xu’s dresses are available in the small alcove to the right of the main statue. Vietnamese view these as worthy gifts, especially if they aren’t able to travel to the temple themselves.)

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While there is much to see and do around Nui Sam, including a visit to the magical submerged forest of Tra Su and the floating market of Chau Doc, most visitors to the Victoria Nui Sam Lodge come to get away from it all. Surrounded by spacious gardens, Victoria Nui Sam Lodge’s 36 stone bungalows and villas enjoy stunning 180-degree views over the rice paddy fields below, and the combination of white stone, terra cotta roofs and green fields are more reminiscent of Tuscany than Vietnam.

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Rooms and suites range from 28-42 m² and are tastefully decorated in a rustic, country style, each opening out to a private open air terrace overlooking the valley below. Victoria Suite Rooms are located in semi-detached villas where connecting rooms allow for private use of an entire villa, each with a garden area.

Open in October 2013, the facilities at Nui Sam Lodge are designed to highlight the surrounding environment as well as the pursuit of wellness and fitness. Guests can reconnect with nature by strolling the extensive grounds complete with vegetable and herb gardens, hike the scenic “health” trail that winds around the large property or rent mountain bikes (available on-site) to explore the nearby area. An infinity swimming pool with unobstructed views over the surrounding valley is the ideal place for yoga and tai chi or to simply relax. Free Wi-Fi and free private parking is available on site.

With excellent cuisine in a breathtakingly beautiful environment, guests will be hard pressed to find a reason to leave the property. La Giang Restaurant & Bar serves up all-day dining featuring Vietnamese cuisine, with an international and Asian breakfast, in a spacious indoor dining room with jaw-dropping 180° views showcased by large bay windows. Diners may also sit on the wraparound terrace or in the adjacent gazebo featuring 360° views, perfect for honeymooners, VIPs, private functions, or private dining. The Sky Pool Bar serves juices, cocktails and light snacks by the drool-worthy infinity pool.

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Guests can travel in style to Nui Sam via the Mekong Coach, offering first-rate transfers (leather seats, individual tablet computers and complimentary Wi-Fi) between Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho and Chau Doc / Nui Sam exclusively for Victoria guests (extra cost).

Stay from now until the end of September to take advantage of summer specials at only VND1,108,000 nett per night for a Superior Room plus 20 percent off on all food & beverage outlets.

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