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Escape to sunny skies, delicious fresh seafood and total indulgence in Da Nang

Da Nang has a long history as a vital point of entry to Vietnam, from the time of the Champa Kingdom, to the arrival of the Portuguese, then its use by the French to establish French Indochina, and finally by the Americans who used it during the American War and established what was the busiest airport in the world at the height of that conflict. Long removed from its role as a staging area for conflict, Da Nang now reigns as Vietnam’s premier beach destination and draws tourists from around the region and the world. It’s bustling economy and rapid growth supports a city of over one million people. With no signs of slowing, a bevy of new players eye the gem of Vietnam’s long, snaking coastline.

The Pullman Danang Beach Resort is one of the newest options for those seeking to soak up the sun on the central coast. In its second incarnation, the resort is in the midst of a remodel to bring it in line with Pullman’s high standards for luxury.

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A friendly and attentive staff greeted me warmly before checking me in and escorting me to my room so I could get settled and change for dinner. My queen deluxe room featured an abundance of rich, dark wood finishes and neutral carpeting and accents, which convey warmth and comfort without trying too hard. The bed is a thick mattress with a plethora of pillows of varying size for even the most finicky sleeper. A sofa and coffee table afford a relaxing spot to kick back and get some work done, and there is ample desk space if you prefer something more upright. The balcony provides a soothing view of the gardens and reflection pools that leads all the way to the shoreline. The bathroom is wonderfully laid out for couples with the toilet, sink and counter, and tub and shower all partitioned by glass. The shower offers the choice of a wand or rainfall. The room also provides a stocked mini-bar with reasonable prices and an in-room combination safe for valuables. For those downtimes when you just need to relax, or when it’s raining out and preventing you from playing, you can lounge in your room and take advantage of the amenities.

21217919710_9ce4e2358f_o (OiVietNam_3N)

The relaxation experience starts with their Infinity Bar in the lobby, named for the infinity view that stretches from the bar, over the reflection pools, to the swimming pool and down to the crashing surf. It’s a lovely spot to have a cocktail, meet up with travel companions, or strike up a conversation before, or after, eating at one of their restaurants.

20783182214_06d2ed6848_o (OiVietNam_3N)

The Epice is their central, all-day-dining restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s a large venue that seats nearly 300 including a large outdoor terrace. Their open kitchen is a showpiece where their chefs conjure up everything from omelets to ribeye steaks, and my personal recommendation is their asparagus soup with crispy pancetta and deep-fried soft shell crab. I have to put it in the conversation of best soups I’ve ever had.

20784946123_aea4bc4ed5_o (OiVietNam_3N)

For a change of pace, saunter down to Azure, their beachside lounge which features more fare from the sea as well as a dizzying array of cocktails made with liquid nitrogen. After having some prawns cooked tableside on hot rocks, make it a point to indulge in some ice cream, which is also made tableside using more of that liquid nitrogen!

21217906360_267d1b22e2_o (OiVietNam_3N)

When the necessities are sorted, it’s time to hit the beach. Da Nang’s beach is enormous, there won’t be any need to get up early to get a spot as the resort has many loungers and umbrellas assembled for guests to use if you prefer, but there’s lots of room to lay a towel down and feel the sand crunching beneath you. When you feel like taking a break from that novel and moving around a bit, there’s Song Watersports hut that provides windsurfers, surfboards and kayaks free of charge, and rentals for jet skis. Da Nang is one of the few places in Vietnam with waves suitable for surfing. They’re big enough to have fun, yet accommodating for beginners as well. Nothing beats riding a wave, so inquire about renting a board and getting a lesson and paddle out there. Landlubbers can opt for beach volleyball or a pitch for some beach soccer, as well as badminton and tennis courts. There’s also a fitness center so there’s no reason to miss out on a light workout.

21406085435_8187503b1a_o (OiVietNam_3N)

When you need to take it down a notch, stroll by the beach bar for a cold one before planting yourself poolside. The infinity pool is large and unheated; you’ll have no issues getting refreshed when you take a dip, and there’s a kid’s pool attached for those traveling with children.

21755468753_93b5965a8e_o (OiVietNam_3N)

Whether you prefer being active or lazy, there’s no reason not to pamper yourself a bit. With a full-service spa right on the premises, one can arrange a massage to iron out the kinks, or just take a steam or sauna. With so much to do you, take your time, slow down and enjoy Da Nang from the comfort of the resort.

Images Provided By Pullman Danang Beach Resort

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