Study in Vietnam, Obtain American High School Diploma

Students of International Schools of North America (SNA) can acquire the American High School Diploma after graduation. Interview with Mr. Dominic – Principal of SNA’s USA Program

Dear Mr. Dominic, after receiving the USA High School Diploma at SNA, what are the advantages that SNA’s students have over those graduating from any other international programs in Vietnam?

Students who achieved the degree in the USA program at SNA can enroll in any university or college anywhere in the world without having to undergo any reexamination.

In Vietnam, other international schools are also increasingly competitive when incorporating standards from Canada, England or Australia and this also prepares students better for future study. However, SNA has a dual curriculum, which will award students with two baccalaureates (Vietnam and US). Therefore, if they do not study abroad, they can still continue at prestigious universities in Vietnam.

California has always been a leader in adoption and improvement of education quality in the United States. The curriculum is always up-to-date, with a wide range of knowledge and resources available to students. In addition to academic quality, teaching quality is also an important element that California standards effect, where teachers achieve high standards and rapidly update world knowledge as well as modern teaching trends.

Secondly, students will not have to waste time in transferring to overseas study at the high school level, for the transcript can be converted compatible to the school they want to move to.

Most notably, students in Vietnam can also benefit from American education standards, which helps them adapt quickly to the American environment. I have seen many students come back to SNA after study abroad. They are very happy and grateful that they have been equipped with enough knowledge and skills to adjust easily to the new environment. This is also a reward for our teachers’ efforts and dedication.


What is the US standard, when applied to Vietnamese students at SNA, and how do teachers have to adjust?

All learning programs are discussed with students to outline which results should be achieved since the beginning of the school year, helping them to grasp the clear detailed objectives toward the end of the year. According to the process, learning standards are also enhanced, helping students achieve better results than the previous school year, always progressing over time, suitable for all students.

Like other schools, SNA also has a diverse student population and also faces certain challenges, especially the ability to acquire foreign languages. In order to improve our students’ language proficiency, SNA has created an ELD Department. This department helps students to link their knowledge in Vietnamese with similar content in English, thereby improving the quality of learning and they can also access bilingual material at the library.

SNA also takes care of academic quality, helps students develop their reading skills, or designs lessons that fit in with each individual learning style, as well as listening to their unique needs. Of course, it is indispensable to mention cultural and sports activities regularly held at the school.

In particular, SNA also supports each class with a five-member Class Management Team (CMT), including a coordinator, an expatriate homeroom teacher, a Vietnamese homeroom teacher, a manager and a supervisor. CMT closely monitors students’ activities, learning progress as well as thoughts and aspirations, helping them to achieve the best possible results while studying at SNA.

What plans will SNA have to expand the institution and what enrollment targets do you have for next year?

Nguyen Hoang Education Group has built a new campus in Trung Son (HCMC), three times as large as the current campus to accommodate more students and better serve them.

SNA intends to develop further advanced courses, create a better performing arts program and strengthen the student advisory board. In addition, SNA still focuses on teaching life skills, lessons of sustainable human values such as love for the homeland, people, cultural identity, filial piety and compassion. Possibly, SNA will upgrade to a bachelor degree in the near future.

Currently, we SNA have nearly 500 students at 2 campuses. The enrollment target for the following year is expected to be higher than last year. We will publish the numbers in the next issue, after making the final decision. SNA wishes to create more learning opportunities for Vietnamese students with the best educational environment. It is the mission of all our teachers.

Thank you!

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