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A country of beauty and wonder make Turkey a must-see for any type of tourist

The world is full of beauty and wonder, throughout history humans have traveled across land and sea to discover what beauty nature holds over the mountain or around the next cove. Modern times holds very little in the way of new discoveries but the beauty that was once hidden is now available for everyone to visit. Everywhere has its own histories and legends but few countries can boast of the vastness of their heritage as Turkey can.

Turkey has been home to many cultures and legends have grown from the deeds and stories that were told. As Turkey is one of the more habitable climates that bridges Europe and Asia many different civilisations have not only made settlements but came to or crossed the land for trade. Settlements can be traced back as far as 1700 BC leading all the way to the Ottoman Empire right up to the moment the Republic of Turkey was born.

As this country has much history and its location between Europe and the Middle East, many who have not experienced this landscape are often left speechless when they first arrive. The natural stunning vistas, green flora and tall mountains. As visitors reach the coast the feeling of awe spreads over them again, where turquoise waters flash with crystal clarity along beautiful beaches. 

Stunning destinations can be found throughout the country but the coastline is sought after by vacationers. A way to see much of the coast is to take a cruise, however, Turkey specializes in a unique type. Gulet Cruises are a traditional type of boat that was once used as a working vehicle although modern versions are designed for comfort. www.alaturkacruises.com offer some of the best service quality and comfort while sailing the Aegean Sea and visits some of the most surprising and unforgettable stops.


Fethiye is a popular destination for visitors who prefer to stay on the land but the extensive harbor is one of leading starting point for the gulet cruises to sail begin at. From Fethiye, harbor passenger gets to visit coves and islands along the coast. Fethiye is one of 3 main harbors in Turkey, Bodrum and Marmaris are also popular but for varying reasons. Bodrum is a smaller harbor town that shows that is one of the closest harbors to Greek islands which has attracted visitors from all over the world. Marmaris is more of a bright lights style tourism town, where the harbor offers routes to sail to different islands while also traveling to Fethiye.

The Dodecanese island chain can be found just off the coast of Turkey, however, due to treaties and agreements, the islands fall under Greek Rule. The majority of these islands have been under Greek control since ancient times. Today the islands have permanent residences but attract visitors from all around. Some of the islands are famous across the work as well as being more famous to the Greek people. Islands such as Rhode is known across the world for its beauty and its friendly people who live here. One of the less know Greek islands is Kos, while it is a stunning it’s the history and legends that make this island so popular.

Kos has the Asklepion an ancient medical learning center, while the ruins are outstanding what makes these ruins so famous was one of the people who studied here. Hippocrates, he was one of the leading medical practitioners of the time. He had a personal promise that he would help everyone he could, and if he could not then he would not harm them. This promise was what the basis of the modern Hippocratic Oath was born from.

Bodrum is the closest harbor town, while mostly a peaceful quaint place when the summer comes this quiet atmosphere changes to one of happiness and fun. At one end of the town are the regions leading open-air nightclub, which many choose to visit before taking one of the relaxing cruises.

When you have every type of destination in Turkey, historic, party scene, relaxing cruises, and stunning vistas make this country a great addition to the top anyone’s list of vacation choices.

From there, visitors can continue their journey into the Middle-East, to other historical sites and lands such as Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Located in the Al-‘Ula region, which is home to cultural heritage sites dating back thousands of years, lies Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra. Vsitors will need a Saudi Arabia Visa.

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