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Start off the New Year on the right foot

Improving health and fitness usually tops the list of New Year’s resolution. It’s a time when people feel most optimistic and motivated to take better care of themselves by pledging to eat better or go to the gym more frequently. They usually start gung-ho with a strong will and commitment, however, the reality is that a majority will tend to lose sight of their goals within three months, either due to lack of motivation or they are not seeing results. This is where the role of a personal trainer can make the difference between success and failure.

Top 5 Reasons for Hiring a Personal Trainer

1) New to Exercise

If you’re new to exercise and planning to join a gym you may want to consider supplementing your membership with a personal trainer. Though most gyms offer orientation and instructions on how to use the equipment, you are left figuring out a workout program on your own. The main benefit of working with a personal trainer is receiving a personalized workout program based on your current condition and goals. After conducting an assessment, the personal trainer will create a program and identify the frequency, intensity, and duration of the workout to ensure its effectiveness. In this process, the personal trainer will also show you how to use the equipment correctly to maximize the physical benefits and to avoid injury. And most importantly, you will gain a better understanding of the physical anatomy and your body’s functionality. Having a personal trainer provides a great foundation for those who are just starting out, ensuring that you start off on the right foot with an improved chance of achieving your goals.

2) Have Specific Goals to Meet

If you have a specific target in mind, such as losing a certain amount of weight or improving your fitness, a personal trainer can create a workout plan that is realistic and measurable, in terms of how and when this can be achieved. One of the common reasons that people abandon their New Year’s resolution is that as time moves on, they tend to lose motivation either due to becoming bored with their workout or not seeing results within the time they had expected. With a personal trainer on hand, you will be motivated, challenged, and held accountable. It’s critical times like this when a personal trainer can help save you from yourself!

3) Not Making Progress With Your Current Workout

If you plan to start off the New Year with the same workout routine that you’ve been doing the past six months—you are doomed to fail, especially if you have specific targets in mind. The common reason for people giving up on exercise is experiencing the workout rut. This happens when routines are not adjusted regularly enough to stimulate change, which leads to boredom, burnout or weight loss plateau. According to Phil Kelly of Body Expert Systems, “progression is a fundamental component of successful workouts. If you are exercising correctly, you should see strength improvements within a 2-week period. Knowing when to changes things up is an essential element of achieving great results.” A personal trainer will be able to spot when you’ve reached this plateau and will adjust your workout program accordingly. Not only that but the personal trainer can also make your workout more fun introducing different approach and techniques that will challenge and motivate you.

4) If You Have Specific Physical Condition Or Injury 

If you have an injury or health condition by which your doctor advises to exercise regularly, working with an experienced personal trainer is highly recommended. To ensure that you do not risk injuring yourself or worsening your health condition, make sure to check the personal trainer’s qualifications and certification.

A qualified personal trainer should have education and/or experience in either physiology, health promotion, athletic training, kinesiology or a similar field. With an understanding of anatomical and physiological function, the personal trainer can guide you to better understand your body’s functionality and which movement is most appropriate and beneficial to support and improve your condition.

5) Seeking Lifestyle Change

If you’ve reached a point in your life where you feel sluggish, unmotivated, and not at your optimal health, hiring a personal trainer can help you achieve real lifestyle change with additional nutrition coaching and working with you to change habits that may have a negative influence on your life. In addition to the physical assessment, the personal trainer will conduct a more in-depth assessment with a review of your lifestyle and nutrition habits. They will want to know about how you manage stress, your diet and eating habits, and sleep cycles, among other factors. According to Mariusz Steckiewicz, owner and Master Trainer at Body Shape, “I need to know about people stress level in life because it affects the posture, movement and even pain they may experience daily. Training is about making people better— that means moving more freely, stronger, more energetic, more balanced.”

The mindset is a critical component for creating positive life change. A key role of a personal trainer is to help guide their client to develop awareness and commitment to their actions through positive thinking. Basically if your mindset isn’t aligned with your goals it is impossible to achieve real transformation. “The key to changing an ingrained habit pattern is to progressively change that way of thinking to one that will produce right habits/actions. Habit change is the true path to success… do not try to complete a diet, instead aim to adopt healthy habits,” says Phil.

Hiring a personal trainer is an investment in the maintenance of your health. Depending on your budget and goals, hiring a personal trainer can be effective starting with twice a week to provide you with the basic education and a personalized program to get you started and motivated. The key is getting a positive start so you can sustain motivation and commitment towards meeting your goals and making fitness a part of your lifestyle.

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