Hang On

A relatively new sport, bouldering gathers momentum amongst the local community in Saigon On a Tuesday afternoon, I find myself clinging to a wall four meters off the ground, unsure how to get back down. “Push off the wall and fall on to your back!” the instructor yells at me. Four meters suddenly seems a lot higher than it did when I was on the … Read more

Fit for a King

Yu Chu gives comfort Cantonese cuisine a royal makeover Chances are that if you’ve had Chinese food outside of China, it’s been a version of Cantonese cuisine. In the 1800s, a large number of mainly Cantonese immigrants journeyed overseas to work on the railroads in America or to follow the gold rush in Australia. They brought with them their cuisine which combined with local ingredients … Read more

Giants in Vietnam Stock Exchange

The top ten largest firms on the Vietnam Stock Exchange include large companies like Vietcombank, Vinamilk, Vingroup, and Sabeco. Banking and Food and Beverage companies appear the most on the list. 1. VINGROUP: STC(VIC) Stock price: VND119,000 per share Market cap: $16.3 billion Vingroup Joint Stock Company is the largest real estate firm in Vietnam … Read more