Read my Lips

How one woman is on a mission to create her own organic Vietnamese beauty brand and teach others along the way Around a large wooden table in the Pandora Studio in Thao Dien (, Queenie and Huong, the workshop facilitators, make sure each participant has a small glass beaker, a long glass mixer, a plastic … Read more

Hooked on Craft

Crafting together for a better community Girls on craft founders Flo and Cami became friends just over a year ago when they attended a punch needle workshop together, and since then they have added embroidery, macramé and origami to this growing, talented friendship. Flo is originally from the French Alps and has always been involved … Read more

Her Italian Way

From Italy, via China, and finally to Vietnam, businesswoman Chiara Squinzi discusses how fearlessness and food fuelled her success Upon meeting Chiara Squinzi, it’s clear to see she’s an intelligent, empowered and determined woman who isn’t fazed by anything. She went from eating a €1 pizza in a hostel on Christmas Day in Shanghai to building … Read more

Hang On

A relatively new sport, bouldering gathers momentum amongst the local community in Saigon On a Tuesday afternoon, I find myself clinging to a wall four meters off the ground, unsure how to get back down. “Push off the wall and fall on to your back!” the instructor yells at me. Four meters suddenly seems a lot higher than it did when I was on the … Read more