Fluffy Fairground Slot Game

Fluffy Fairground Slot Game

Another spin off of the famous Fluffy Favourites has hit the internet! Delve into the mystical world of teddy bears and stuffed animals to try your luck at the many attractions at the fair. All of your favourite animals from the original have returned and are ready to give you a hand at claiming that coveted jackpot. Use the bonus features to your advantage to further your winnings with their multipliers. This game Contains a free spins round that can give you up to 25 free spins and a hook game that can give you up to 100x your original bet. Meaning there’s a ton of ways to play this cute slot game – available at Slots Baby!

About the Developer and Other Games by the Developer

Eyecon has been making games since 1997 when they made their entrance into the industry as a computer game company developing small games. In 1999 they decided to switch over into the casino industry by creating their own casino system as well as developing casino games. In 2003 they created one of their most famous games, Temple of Isis. From this point they started gaining momentum and exposure which has pushed them into the spotlight as one of the biggest game providers in the industry. In 2006 they released Fluffy Favourites which is their most popular game and still holds one of the top spots more than 13 years later.

About the Game and Bonus Features

You may be put off at first by Fluffy Fairground as you may be thinking “not another fluffy game”. If this is you then you are in for a very pleasant surprise! Yes Fluffy Fairground is linked to Fluffy Favourites however it makes a name for itself by building on everything that was right in the previous game and improving it. The sheer amount of bonus games and features that this game holds is something to behold. With games offering free spins and multipliers you cant go wrong!

Hook a Fluffy is one such game, if you manage to get 3 big top scatters in a row you must choose from a number of fluffy teddies to find out what your multiplier is. The multipliers can range up to 100x your original wager! Another bonus game you should keep an eye out for is the free spins game. If you manage to get 3 pink elephants in a row you will receive 15 free spins. Manage to get 4? Then its 20 free spins. If you manage to get 5 elephants in a row then you get a whopping 25 free spins! Keep in mind that wins on pay lines are tripled during this game further maximising your winnings!

Overall, Fluffy Fairground builds on what Fluffy Favourites set down as a foundation. Their dedication to building on their success is the thing that keeps fans keep coming back for more!

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