Slot game cheats people used to use

The history of gambling is an absolutely fascinating one, decorated by both legendary wins and controversial cheaters. 

For the sake of a good read, we are concentrating on the latter in this article, as we take you though some classic attempts and methods of cheating that are almost only exclusive to one of the most popular gambling games of all time; the slot game. 

The humble fruit machine or more modern online slot game at has proved to be one of the most engaging ways to have a flutter of the 20th and 21st century… but that does not mean that people haven’t tried to abuse the game for it’s money. 

It is you against the casino when you gamble and for some people, that competitive edge just goes one step further. You might think that the machine is impossible to cheat, what with it’s rigid nature and fairly unflappable reels, but the clever, cunning and darn right stupendous gamblers among us have tried their very bets to beat the system. 

Here are some slot game cheats that people used to use… 

The coin on a string technique for slot gamers

This method has been immortalised is cartoons, as it makes a hilarious animation to witness come one trying to fool a slot machine with. 

It involves either tying a string around a coin or drilling a hole into one for a string to be thread through, before popping said token into your slot machine of choice. The thought is that thanks to the string, you should be able to yank your coin back out, regardless of what result waits for you on the reels. 

In reality, this is an unrealistic method and even back in the day, the likelihood of this working is not clear. But, as mentioned above, the simple, comical nature of such an attempt to cheat makes it a popular, legendary method of beating the slot games of old.

Hack the system of the slot game

As the slot game graduated into the realm of electronics and later, into an online, computer and html based game, it opened itself up to the potential of hackers. 

Those with the ability to write and rewrite software were able to hack into slot machines of this kind in their early days, before firewalls and updates patched up such errors. A method of cheating for a select few computer nerds out there, this was a very real threat to the gambling industry as it moved online. 

The lurker… 

One infamous technique to beat the slot game is to play the waiting game. 

Hard to get right and best exercised when you are more than familiar with the machine you are playing on, people were known to lurk and wait for gamblers to put coin after coin into a fruit machines, only to swoop when the jackpot was due to pay out. 

A classic trick and something not nice to do to a fellow gamblers, this is something that has been eradicated with the random paying nature of online slots.

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