Dragonball Destination F1 Supercar Road Trip

Here’s our definitive Q&A guide to the exclusive Dragonball Destination F1 Supercar Road Trip from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi this April 2020.

Let’s take a journey.
Imagine Ferrari 488’s Pilot Sport treads caressing the pavement along golden fields. Or McLaren P1’s conspicuous growl reverberating through lush jungle canopy. Perhaps you enjoy the coastline’s glistening rays reflected onto a Porsche 911’s silver hood… 

…Before weaving around the futuristic skyscrapers of a bustling mega-city.

Now you can revel in man’s mastery over machine and nature with…

  • Decadent meals,
  • Exclusive entertainment,
  • And Lavish accommodations!

The Dragonball Destination F1 crew dubbed “Infinity-Group” has organized over 300 such road trips across continents. Their portfolio includes several renowned car manufacturers, massive product launches, and international media presentations.

Today we sit down with Chairwoman Celine Ventalon. After participating in Mercedes France’s driving events, she’s confident that Formula 1 racing’s debut in Vietnam is the perfect time to showcase its supercar scene. And you’re invited to her road trip!

Where does your love for cars come from?

My childhood dream was to design cars, but the male dominated industry afforded women few graces. As our native French compatriots say, “C’est la vie.”

Yet the passion never abates. I wound up driving an AMG GT and M3 Convertible! You’ll also catch me in a Crossblade because my partner and I were Smart testpilots for 4 years. We’ve participated in countless rallies. 

Tell us about the trip.

The unremarkable has no place among us.

Every detail is finely crafted to the moment your wheels kiss Vietnamese soil. High performance individuals demand nothing less. 80 teams of 2 drivers (dubbed our ‘Dragons’) will tour 1,800km from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, commemorating our trip with VIP access to the F1 Grand Prix on the Hanoi Street Circuit. Each of the 8 days and 7 nights is punctuated with championship dining and accommodations.

You will finally enjoy camaraderie among a fleet of select supercar diehards who love it all:

  • The speed.
  • The sound.
  • The exotic look.
  • The racing heritage.

Average daily drive time is 4.5 hours. I believe the new scenery makes it feel like you’re popping your cherry all over again. 

How are you accommodating drivers that, for many, are visitors to an unfamiliar locale?

As stated, we take care of every aspect. That includes transfer, luggage, and refueling. Provisions are made should a collision occur.

Supercars weren’t made to go slow. Is this a race or time trial?

No. As a former testpilot, I get it. People like you and I are constantly pushing the limits. But the purpose of this trip is to fall in love with the view both on the highway and adjacent to it. We ask that everyone obey traffic laws.

Don’t worry. There will be opportunities to rev up your engine!

Which vehicles are allowed on the trip and how can we get ours there?

You can fly in with any classic, supercar, or bold new sustainable whip.

Please, please, please ask us about customs clearance. Our preferred agents operate like surgeons around red tape. However, we recognize that transportation isn’t feasible for all participants. That’s why we help those drivers source a car locally.

A good parent never leaves their baby unattended. What security precautions have you taken?

Your baby is locked up tighter than a 90° turn every single day and night.

What can we expect at the Vietnam F1 Grand Prix?

I’m very proud to welcome guests to our bespoke accommodation—the Dragon’s Nest! Prime view of the Hanoi Street Circuit and lanes is just the beginning. You’re truly up close to modern miracles of engineering with VIP access to the Formula 1 Support Race Paddock. (And don’t be surprised when drivers & celebrities make surprise appearances!). We’ve flown in international entertainment and top DJs. The best food is paired with the best wine. You’ll live 5 lifetimes in the span of 2 days. It’s a seamless luxury experience walking from your acclaimed hotel to high-end transport to a state-of-the-art Circuit Park.

Yes, there’s WiFi. Yes, it’s fast.

So, how much for all this?

It’s a lot.

How much is “a lot”?

It depends. Your front-to-end experience includes entry for 2 occupants per vehicle and starts at USD25,000. Each additional participant is USD20,000. Work with us to tailor an experience perfect for your needs or ambitions. We’re connected to the best hotels and transportation.

Any parting words?

Seriously, soak in the leather and steel.

Would you miss Woodstock? This is your ONLY opportunity to ink your name in Formula 1 and supercar history. Get in touch with us now before all spots fill up.

For more info, visit www.dragonball.vn

Text and Images Provided by Infinity-Group

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