Read the Book

A intriguing novel set during the bygone days of Old Saigon Author Charles Gerard recently published his first book called Yen’s White Lie. The following description comes from the book’s back cover: Saigon, 1997 – Vietnam has opened its borders to adventurous travelers, who stay on and make the country their new home. A culture-shocked … Read more

Japan’s Essential Jaunts

Japan is unlike any other country on the planet.  It’s seen by many as the most futuristic yet one of the most beautiful nations out in the East.  Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that the list of things to see and do here is almost endless! But what if you’ve never set foot in the country … Read more

Must-Try Mezze

Red drapes and technicolor red and blue orange booths conjure up distant bazaars at this festive spot where crowds pack in for expertly crafted Middle Eastern cuisine Mezze Saigon (5th Floor, 215 Ly Tu Trong, D1, is the latest addition to the moderately shortlist of Middle Eastern restaurant lounges in Saigon, which is remarkable … Read more

What were the Causes of the Vietnam War?

The history of the US involvement in Vietnam and many other political and military conflicts is complicated yet interesting. In high school and college essays on the Vietnam war, the majority of students have studied the causes and consequences of the Vietnam war. Unfortunately, when you study a piece of information for a class, you … Read more