Gambling in Vietnam: What to Know

Gambling in Vietnam has been illegal for a very long time. It still is, but most people in that strict country have been wagering, even with the country’s uptight laws. The government of Vietnam, after realizing that people are still wagering, opted to legalize gambling.

The gambling law was passed, however, there was still strict supervision from the Vietnam government. The law did not only pass a law on gambling in casinos, but also through the online platforms, which are growing immensely.

Read this article through and get all the juicy details about gambling in Vietnam and as well as investigate more about the effects of legalizing wagering. We shall help you understand the sports that one can bet for, moreover, and you will learn more about the casinos in Vietnam.

Gambling Laws and Regulations in Vietnam

Gambling rules and regulations in Vietnam are very strict, and the citizens have no option other than to adhere to them. The government legalized gambling but only for a few selected games. These games include horse racing and dog hound races.

There are a variety of gambling casinos in Vietnam, but no Vietnam citizen can wager in those casinos. There is a new draft of gambling laws that allows their citizens to gamble in the casinos, but it is now long overdue.

For that reason, the citizens have been traveling to the neighboring state, an example was when the footballer was arrested, according to BBC. Only foreigners can place their bets freely with no fear of the law. It has also led its citizens to participate in illegal gambling through underground casinos and illegal bookmakers.

If by bad luck the offenders are arrested, one can be put in prison for 2-7 years. According to OnlineCasinoGems, there were some Chinese who were arrested as they were involved in underground illegal gambling.

Sports to Bet in Vietnam

As long as the state of Vietnam legalized gambling, they had strict restrictions and limited their options of sports, which they wagered on. There are also age restrictions, and a minor is not permitted to gamble. The right age to gamble in Vietnam is 21 years and above.

The sports allowed, as mentioned earlier, were horse racing, greyhounding, and some legal lotteries. The citizens of Vietnam are also restricted in casino gambling; however, if you are a foreigner, you can comfortably gamble.

The government, however, legalized online gambling, and the citizens of Vietnam can participate in gambling in the comfort of their homes. The online platform has some strict restrictions and can lead you on the wrong side of the law if breached.

Vietnam Gambling Casinos

As mentioned earlier, if you are not a Vietnam citizen, one will enjoy casino gambling. However, there is a bill that is waiting to be passed and will allow the people of Vietnam to be able to gamble in the casinos.

However, the country legalized online gambling and the citizens can gamble at the comfort of their homes with no worries via online platforms. Pick your best position and allow us to enlighten you about the casinos in Vietnam.

Aristo International Hotel and Casino

If you happen to be in Northern Vietnam, then make the Aristo Hotel and Casino your selected option to enjoy more than your expectations. The hotel has 34 rooms including the suites, a spa area where you can fully relax and, moreover, a gaming area.

The gaming area offers gaming tables and 36 slot machines that one can fully enjoy and gamble in. The casino part, through the government, will bring in over 300 gaming machines, electric table, and video poker, to make sure the casino offers all that you require in one place.

Crown International Club

The Crown Plaza in Danang is the one that houses the Crown International Club casino, which is adjacent to its hotel. The hotel is a home far from home, where the staff takes care of the visitors wholeheartedly. There are high-end accommodations and other fun amenities.

The club offers amazing gaming casinos, with all sorts of gaming available for gambling. The games include machine slots, blackjack, roulette, and electric tables. If you are a pro, you can join poker tournaments poker cash games, and be certain to pocket some good profits.

Phoenix International Club

The club offers nothing but the best, their accommodations are very luxurious – 34 rooms with 7 suites, a world-class spa, and massage to make sure you have a smooth and relaxed stay.  According to Chicago Tribune, Phoenix International Club also provides a night club if you enjoy dancing and a day and night tennis court, where visitors love to play in their spare time.

Their gaming section includes slots gaming machines, electric tables, roulette, blackjacks, and baccarat. There, you will have an opportunity to gamble with much fun. There are also casino service attendants, who are very friendly and ready to serve you during your gaming experience.

Enjoy Gambling in Vietnam

The above-mentioned casinos are the most common ones, however, there are some hotels which you can visit and still enjoy comfortable accommodations and amenities. They also offer casinos with games that are easy to play and gamble too.

According to NewYorkTimes, learning about different aspects of the culture and lifestyle of the Vietnamese will enable you to enjoy more in that country. However, only foreigners can gamble because the citizens are not allowed to gamble in these casinos. The casinos have impacted the growth of the state of Vietnam, through international casinos, where people from all over the world come to visit and gamble.

Make a point of bookmarking us and get to know more about gambling in Vietnam and any other evolving regulations. We will also love to hear your views and experience related to this topic and answer all the questions that you might have.

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