A 5-Star Culinary Journey in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc island is well known for its pepper gardens, sim wine and pearl farms, but did you know that there is a vast world of culinary wonders for travelers to experience here on Vietnam’s Pearl Island?

Duong Dong Night Market and Ham Ninh fishing village are packed with local restaurants and bars serving up fresh local fares at reasonable prices. However, for those looking for more refinement in their cuisine, InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Resort’s dining outlets offer the perfect blend of local flavors and worldclass techniques. The resort is home to 5 restaurants and bars, each with its own unique taste and style—making it an ideal destination for foodies.

The chefs at InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort take great care to incorporate local ingredients into their expertly crafted menus. This is to ensure that the essence of Phu Quoc is consistently represented in every single dish. On the other hand, there is no limitation to the creativity of the kitchen here, as each item is a unique creation—a combination of different styles and techniques.

Sora & Umi

Herring salad – Sora & Umi

Serving Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine, Sora & Umi restaurant is located on the second floor overlooking the infinity pools and the ocean. Aside from the sumptuous breakfast buffet, Sora & Umi is also open for lunch and dinner with its attractive “All Day Dining” menu. The cuisine here is a blend of Japanese and Vietnamese, beautifully cooked and tastefully plated. Highlights include herring with rice paper rolls, grilled Phu Quoc hill chicken with bamboo cooked rice or beef jerky salad which are must try dishes. Don’t forget to dip in the special sauce that comes with each dish—it can be said that this mixture is the soul of Vietnamese cuisine. A bit of spiciness, a bit of sourness, a bit of saltiness—just enough to awaken your senses and whet the taste buds. Finish your meal with a traditional sweet dessert with a twist: lotus seeds with forest honey served in a juicy coconut. The light sweetness and the unmistakable aroma of honey and coconut serve as the perfect end note to cleanse your palate after a hearty meal.


Lobster Linguini – Ombra

Both an Italian restaurant and a bar, Ombra is on the ground floor and located adjacent to Oasis pool. Here you can enjoy light dishes, cocktails, healthy beverages as well as house-made gelatos. “Ombra” in Italian means “shade”—a perfectly apt name for the restaurant as you can relax and enjoy a meal here after dipping in the pool or swimming in the ocean. Lie down on one of the lounge chairs and sip on an ice-cold cocktail or sample the famous seafood pizza, freshly made with special aromatic dough. Don’t forget to try the authentic spaghetti with fresh toppings such as sea urchin, lobster, octopus or crab. All the pasta is made in house with traditional techniques from a team of talented chefs.

Sea Shack

Grilled Seafood Plater – Sea Shack

Mere steps from the sea, Sea Shack features a unique rustic design that blends in with nature. Dine on the innovative menu, which incorporates tapas, grilled seafood, craft beer and Tiki cocktails for a wonderful evening. The chefs at Sea Shack work hard to achieve a balance between the ingredients’ natural flavors and the use of spices, all the while giving priority to local ingredients. Their barbecued dishes are freshly grilled over charcoal, which not only bring out the smoky aroma but also preserves the texture of the meat, be it ribs or fish. Must try dishes include the seafood platter, which features various types of local seafood and a special Phu Quoc pepper dipping sauce with fresh herbs. Definitely try the outdoor BBQ by the beach here every weekend. The menu changes weekly and the food is served directly from the grill to your table—a heaven for seafood fans. Feel the sand on your bare feet as you wander the shore of Long Beach and take in the beautiful sunset with a cold drink in your hand!


Australian Grain Fed Wagyu Tomahawk – LAVA

Also overseeing the sea, the signature restaurant LAVA possesses a totally different vibe with its elegant arching bamboo architecture. Designed by famed architect Vo Trong Nghia, the interior is also impressive with a prominent fossilized coral bar taking center stage in striking blue. Here you can enjoy an exceptional dining experience with fresh seafood cooked to your preference or premium cuts of imported beef. Nothing like sipping on a fine glass of champagne while watching the sky change color from day to night right in front of your eyes.

Each dish at LAVA is meticulously prepared, from cooking to plating to service at your table, as if you are being presented with a work of art. The menu features exotic local fare such as “fingernail” snail cooked with tamarind sauce or whole seabass fried in a large seashell. LAVA’s dishes are seasoned with local spices and herbs and usually served on heated volcanic stones or wrapped in banana leaves in order to preserve the flavors.

Taking full advantage of being on a tropical island, LAVA is stocked with fresh seasonal seafood, which includes many local varieties like red grouper and lobster as well as imported ingredients such as Alaskan crabs and Hokkaido clams. In addition to seafood, premium cut of beefs such as imported Wagyu are also available. You can’t go wrong with an exceptional tenderloin steak with mushroom sauce and a selection of spices such as seaweed salts, pepper salt, Himalayan salt, Tay Giang pepper, red chili pepper, smoked mustard and miso mustard. A glass of One De Napa Valley or Imperial Reserva makes for a perfect accompanying beverage.

INK 360

Coral Mule – INK 360

If you have not been to INK 360, you have not been to Phu Quoc. This is the tallest rooftop bar on the island at level 19 of the Sky Tower. Designed by the famed Ashley Sutton, INK 360 invokes the image of the Kraken—a fearsome legendary sea creature who embodies the mysteries of the deep below. To say that the outdoor deck at INK360 is the best spot to watch the sunset from on the entire island is not an overstatement. Get your cameras ready because the dusk scenery will be breathtaking as day turns into night over the awesome landscape below.

Check out the signature cocktail menu—a collection of original creations made by a team of mixologist here at INK 360. A sublime blend of different ingredients and tastes, from local to international, have added new depth into the drinks here in Phu Quoc. Get ready to go on a colorful journey of taste and smell with every cocktail you sip. Highlights include the Uncle Ho Penicillin—a highly nostalgic blend made from Scotch Whisky, lime juice, Phu Quoc honey, ginger syrup, Lapsang Souchong and cardamom. And another great choice is the Three Way Mirror, which was designed to offer 3 different tastes depending on which direction you drink it from—made from London Dry Gin, sparkling wine, strawberry powder & turmeric powder. For a visually impressive cocktail, the Coral Mule is light and easy to drink—made from Triple Sec, Aperol, Luxardo Fernet Brance, ginger beer and kumquat.


Located right next to the lobby on level 4, Mercado is a convenient resting spot where you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee and house-made pastries. Fans of sweets will also be happy with the offerings of small cakes and refreshing house gelato ice creams. For more savory fare, Mercado also offers sandwiches overflowing with cheese and cold cuts beef or chicken. For long stay guests, this is where you can shop for various deli items to enjoy in the comfort of our room or to bring back home as gifts. Choices include Phu Quoc pepper, Vietnamese coffee beans, sim wine or premium local honey. It has been said that those who visit Phu Quoc will always fondly remember it. With the various dining experiences at InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort, you can be sure that those fond memories are well worth the price of admission.

For more info, visit phuquoc.intercontinental.com

Text and Images Provided by InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort

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