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So you’ve decided to get involved in the world of casino games have you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We consider ourselves veterans of casino games, having poured so many hours into table games across the globe, both online and offline respectively! Getting involved in the industry has never been as accessible — it’s 2019, there should be no excuses as to why you have never played a hand of blackjack, or bet at a roulette table. 

Everyone will have their own personal favourite casino game at that’s almost guaranteed, but this isn’t an article for those who have extensive experience in casino games, this is an article streamlined to novices and newbies who are looking to make some real money but don’t know where to start! Know that some popular casino games might not be for you, or at least require practice/strategy to perfect. 

Blackjack – one of the best games to play

Blackjack is an incredibly simple game to play, the goal is simple, all you need to do is cause the dealer to ‘bust’ or fall short of hitting the number 21 using the cards they have in their disposal. You should know that blackjack is one of the oldest casino games in existence, and is also incredibly basic to gain an idea on how it works, all you need to be is willing to play and the rest should be history! 

If you are going to actually check out blackjack and make money, then you should know that there are efficient strategies that can help your win/loss record. Almost every strategy we’ve seen involves determining whether or not you have a ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ hand — a hard hand involves any number that is considered quite high, and a soft hand is the polar opposite. Having a soft hand allows you to take more chances on the table, trust us. 

Blackjack is occasionally goes by the name 21 and is incredibly popular, so popular in-fact that it has been heavily featured in other media outside of the table! Many movies/tv shows have had characters playing the game of blackjack at one point or other — some films main plot lines have involved this modern classic, it’s that popular! 


We can’t get enough of roulette, and neither can the tens of the thousands of people who play on a regular basis both online and offline! A roulette table is iconic at this point, a representation of the entire casino industry in our opinion. Like blackjack, roulette has made the transition to the silver and small screen in the past — James Bond has played this game multiple times and we have no doubt the actors who’ve played 007 have too at some point or other. 

The rules of roulette are simple, arguably a lot easier to grasp than blackjack depending on the sort of player you happen to be. In blackjack all you have to do is place an ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ bet and watch as the roulette wheel decides your fate. All bets are subject to offer different odds depending on how the table is performing that night. Easy bets to go with involve going for odd/even numbers or the colour of the number in question. 

The popularity of roulette appears to grow by the month given the fact that player counts are up on most online versions of European roulette. Roulette is a somewhat easy casino game to perfect, one that doesn’t require a lot of strategy — unless you are someone chasing the big pay outs then you might want to implement some sort of strategies/tactics. Honestly, if you’ve yet to spin the wheel in roulette, what are you waiting for? 

Playing the best Slot Machines 

Our personal favourite casino game and one of the easiest ways to make money! Slot machines are considered by many as the forefather of every mobile game you come across nowadays. Whether or not mobile games would be as popular if it weren’t for slot machines is definitely up for debate, but we like to think they are, think about it — both involve combining bright and colourful symbols in an attempt to make money/accumulate a high score. 

Like the other games mentioned above it, slot machines have seen great spikes in player numbers thanks to online versions of this popular casino game in recent years. Advancements in technology have only streamlined the experiences on offer here, allowing developers to be a lot more creative in what they’re putting in their slots, driving interest across the globe and back with every release. 

We shouldn’t have to tell you how to play a slot machine, although there are a few exceptions — if you are one of these people, then allow us to give you a quick crash course. Slot machines are very easy to play — especially those you play in person. To play, simply insert coins into the side of the machine and pull the lever, this will cause the symbols on the front to spin, match three symbols here and see the money drop below! 


Last but certainly not least, we have poker. Four rounds take place in poker, and in each round players are required to make decisions based on the cards they’ve been dealt initially by a dealer. Punters will be given the option to stay, raise, fold or go all in. The overall goal here is to beat every other player on the table into submission using bluffs and other tactics. 

You’ve no doubt heard of the infamous ‘poker face’ well this is the game that it comes from — Lady Gaga even has a song about it! Player poker is incredibly difficult to perfect, especially if you are playing against some serious competition — it is easy to be chewed up and spat out in poker if you aren’t equipped to deal with the many hands and strategies there are out there. We’d recommend checking out a few video tutorials if you care about making the big bucks!

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