16 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations that you can Travel Visa-Free

Although it is easy to book tickets to any destination in the country, the difficulty is to manage to secure a visa in time! Not to mention how much attention one wants – unless you are a star. Okay, leave it all behind, because we have made a list of some beautiful exotic honeymoon destinations that provide Indians with visas upon arrival! Make your selection: take your choice:

Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia is theoretically the country which gives you an Arrival Visa. But of course, Bali is the number one spot to stay. The island of Gods provides a vibrant and intensely mystical community, with rocky shorelines and sandy beaches, beautiful rice terraces, and bright volcanic hillside.


Mauritius is well established to deliver the most stunning views of the Indian Ocean with its sapphire-blue seas, white sandy beaches, and luxurious resorts. Kitesurfing, cruise rides, swimming, and snorkeling are two of the highlights. Throughout the hills, there are cycling, horseback riding, and traditional golf courses for champions.


The beaches are vast, sandy paradises with sparkling blue seas, hidden coves, waterfalls, and swimming pools. There is nothing as breathtaking as climbing through the mountains while you are after an unforgettable experience. Typical of the Caribbean, Jamaican animal life contains diverse wildlife that cannot be found anywhere else. Bob Marley ‘s home was firmly rooted in music and culture!


Would you like to make the most from your New Year calendar? On New Year’s weekends, Jordan is yet another lovely country to visit. Jordan is the safest Arab country to travel, which makes this country a favorite amongst tourists. The Indians do not appear on their journey to Jordan to require visa paperwork, but Indian tourists have almost 30 days to live in Jordan on their arrival! Why you must visit this spot, Jordan has several activities to make your New Year’s trip a lifetime holiday. You will be delighted with loads of stuff to do in Jordan by taking a lovely desert walk on Wadi Rum and studying some history buffs at Petra. What to do: You will explore the world-famous Amman city, a modern city, and enjoy the excellent shopping opportunities that make it a romantic package and yet affordable place for the two couples to go on their exotic honeymoons destination during your enriching tour around Jordan. Jordan might even cause that to happen if you are the ones who want a bit of comfort, excitement, and panoramic views to block out the rest of the country. You should not skip your thrilling Jordan Tour via this remote hilltop village. Adventure here is all fun, producing things to dive, sail, snorkel and appreciate the sun on the island!


Perhaps the best beaches in the world can be found in the Maldives. The ocean is white glitter, and the seawater is gleaming. The Maldives’ luminous waters are perfect for those enjoying marine life with some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world. You will enjoy enigmatic corals, splendid cafes, and a wide range of colorful tropical fish. There are no explanations why the Maldives is just travelers pick. Imagine sipping on the sun-drenched sandy beaches, world-class shopping, a pair of spa vacations, or spending relaxing time on a beautiful underwater bungalow. When it sounds fantastic, so go to the Maldives. Indian visitors may only have a passport document to stay for 90 days in this country, which means that they are the BOSS of your holiday since many attractions are visible during your 90 days stay in the country.


Seychelles is a tropical paradise full of lovely beaches and lush mountains. It is on honeymooners’ Wishlist and people searching for a soothing, tropical getaway, with a dreamlike setting. There are some of the rarest flora and fauna species on earth, the pinnacle of aquatic biology.


Thailand is a beautiful blend of love, exotic, tropical, cultural, and historical entertainment. The beaches and magnificent temples are renowned. Consider this on your list for a relaxed and enlightening yet thrilling encounter. If you intend to visit Thailand the first time and take the less-traveled route on your new year, you will be fortunate, and we promise that we will enjoy your New Years’ time in Thailand. You can take full advantage of the 15-day visa upon arrival in search of the temple of frenetic cities and the sun-kissed pristine beaches to spend your holidays (Thailand pass explained). Other places of interest are shopping on floating markets. Starting spiritual tours in Thailand is the right place to relax in an untouched and pristine country. When you visit Thailand, you must throw your face at Thailand’s Poster Boy – Phi Phi Island, the most coveted option among Thailand tourers. Beyond snorkeling and postcard-worthy beaches you should check-in, the hidden element here is that the film ‘Leonardo DiCaprio’ was filmed from the island’s ‘The Beach.’ 


In the magazine National Geographic and The Lonely Planet, you have undoubtedly seen the Kenyan vision landscapes. Now, however, let your internal travel bug go to Kenya on New Year’s 2019 and visit this dream spot. Confide in us! After your journey ends, you can admire every hour of sightseeing. With its 90-day entry visa, the Indians will explore Africa in all imaginable forms. You will certainly make up your mind to explore Kenya, which is also beautiful and exciting by listening to lions scream on your Kenya wildlife tour and seeking local food to meet an elephant and feel the rains of Africa. What to do: Kenya’s country is all about touring the natural wonders! Take a casual walk across Great Rift Valley to see your honey and the beautiful sunset. And what better than starting a new year in a country with the most beautiful mountains and lakes in the background?

Sri Lanka

What do you need to make your holiday memorable: an exotic adventure filled with indigenous history, safaris, and sandy beaches? In Sri Lanka, there is more to see and do for your 30-day maximum stay in Sri Lanka in this gem-shaped country. The train trip in Sri Lanka is nothing but amazing events in which the rhythm and scraping wheels take part. And according to travel insiders, this is just one of Sri Lanka’s many highlights! We love more because the Indian Ocean Pearl – Sri Lanka was known as a diving destination a few years ago when whales were considered at the coasts. Today it is used as one of the safest destinations in Asia for exotic honeymoon destination. What to do: Do you need to answer your prayers? You can take a tour to a historical heartland of Sri Lanka-The Cultural Triangle, which will surely leave you all fascinated by the rocky fortress of Sigiriya.


It is recognized that Cambodia has its rich cultural heritage, deltas, mountains, and coastline of the Gulf of Thailand. Upon arrival in Cambodia, Indians receive visas at a nominal rate of US$ 20 for a maximum of 30 days. It would help if you carried your passport snapshots, the necessary money, and required travel documents, such as passports, flight tickets, and a well-completed visa on your arrival form. In addition to that, your passport should be valid from your date of arrival in Cambodia for at least six months. Places like Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, where the exotic honeymoon destination tours are so thick that past, music, and nightlife can be caught with the fingertips. Do not forget Angkor Wat at sunrise to highlight your holiday! Place your image in the shimmering purple clouds and enormous them.

Tuvalu Island

This enchanting spot, visited by Hawaii and Australia, once known as the islands of Ellice, is a chic paradise for couples to sail, lounge, swim, and eat! Tuvalu is the ideal exotic honeymoon destination spot for 30 days, providing stunning coral reefs, diving in the lagoons, and a relaxing stay in luxury hotels. SPA therapy and massages will be a cure for the romanticism. What to do: stroll around Nui Island with reef outcrops and great postcard beaches. You should only take a boat trip to the Funafuti Marine Conservation Area with calmness and beauty to appreciate your New Year getaway.


Fiji is a 333-figure archipelago near Australia and New Zealand that is perfect for pictures. Choose to relax at one of the brilliant beaches of Fiji or experience a wide range of activities and experiences – ranging from ski diving to dirt biking, river rafting, tennis, and cultural excursions.

Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are now mostly undiscovered by North Americans, even with the most advanced luxury they had 50 years ago. The islands are between Hawaii and New Zealand on a halfway route. An oasis of freedom with crystal blue waters, sandy white beaches, warm year-round weather, and genuine, friendly local people.


Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world off the south-east coast of Africa. It is renowned for its unusual fauna and houses 5% of all common species. Madagascar is a fantastic spot for outdoor travel lovers: Lemurs, baobabs, rainforest, mountains, cycling, and diving. Nevertheless, there are also outdoor swimming ponds, beaches, and hammocks to rest.

Trinidad and Tobago

This double-island country close to Venezuela offers unique bird watching, diving, fabulous rainforests, ideal for walking, swimming, and cycling. Electric nightlife, which is also the most significant and most fabulous annual blowout in the city, is the glorious Carnival. It is up to you to decide if you want to go. However, the petrol and gas business leaves tourism low on its priority list.

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