Preventing Depression During this Covid 19 Period

It is a world pandemic and things have changed. People have been isolated, others have lost their lives and jobs have been lost. Schools closed, businesses are not thriving as usual and this has made many people to have a lot of thoughts. Since it is a global problem, people must know that these are not normal times so things will be a bit harder. For the short term, drinking kratom dosage can help reduce the rate of the depression because it stimulates your brain but for the long term, you need some tips to adapt.

Understand that Everyone is Affected

You are not the only one affected and if you start becoming mentally sick, it means you have some sort of selfishness. Try to find a way to adjust like everyone else because life is all about living with the present. Since everyone is affected, it is hard to get someone to lend you a hand because everyone is staying at their place. Live with what you have because this is not the time to start making big dreams and the streets are not as normal as they used to be. Take kratom, buy and make tea and relax as you wait for things to get better.

Don’t Make Huge Expectations

Whether it is in business or job, understand that you are living in abnormal times. Avoid making huge goals because they could end up disappointing you. people are limited during these times so even when you expect high, it will not come as you may like it to come. If you are to set a business, expect anything, don’t fix your mind on making profits alone, include the possibility of making losses such that when it occurs, you would be psychologically prepared.

Make Your Family Members Understand

Your family is the one that needs to understand how affected you are. The demands from family may remain the same if you don’t tell them. Once they understand that you are affected by the pandemic, they will even limit their expectations. Leaving them unaware of your situation may make them continue demanding things that are not doable at the moment. For example, you cannot take your family out during this moment because the hotels and attraction points are all hotspots of covid 19. Other things are how you used to treat them with gifts and presents but now is not the time because everything has been compromised.

Engage with Friends

The fact that people stay indoors has contributed to many people experiencing a lot of depression. Call friends who are also indoors and you know they don’t have infections to come and share stories. Knowing each other’s stories helps to reduce the stress in your head thereby making you relieve the depression. Eat well and exercise out so that you get fresh air. Being indoors and not seeing your friends could make you feel the world has seriously neglected you and this could lead to depression which is not good for your health.


Covid is a pandemic and in every pandemic, people are not living normal lives. For those who are not used to having issues in life, this could hit them hard because they are used to a smooth way of life. What people need to understand is that with time, this shall become a normal condition and people will no longer have worries. It is important to support and accept support from others so that all people come out of the pandemic successfully. Some countries have already resumed operations as usual with lockdowns of cities ended and schools being opened.

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