What Is It Like To Gamble In Goa?

Throughout most of India gambling is illegal, apart from a few selective categories which include horse racing and lotteries. If caught gambling illegally, you can expect to receive a hefty fine, or in some cases, jail time. Many of the country’s population feel that gambling should be completely prohibited as it leads to addiction, organized crime, money laundering and corruption. On the other hand, many argue that regulated gambling will bring jobs, tourism and lots of revenue for the country. Both sides have a fair argument. Not all of India’s states is gambling treated as a crime, in some states like Goa, gambling is legal. 

What is Goa like?

Goa is known around the globe. It has proven to be one of India’s main attractions among tourists. You can find beautiful sandy beaches while staying at one of many incredible hotels Goa has to offer. The small state is packed with vibrant markets, fresh seafood and traditional Indian spicy curries. The nightlife here is really special, hence why Goa is known as the ‘’Party State’’. It has a unique feel with a mixture of Portuguese and Indian cultures. The winter months prove to be the most popular as the heat is not as strong as the summer months. Goa attracts forgien tourists from every corner of  the world and tourists from the rest of India, year in year out. Tourism is the main source of income for the state. It also provides guests with many top class casinos and may be India’s answer to Las Vegas!

Is Online Gambling Legal In India?

The legalities with gambling in India is a bit of a gray area. It is neither illegal, however it is not classed as illegal either. There are in fact Indian websites that allow you to gamble online. This law is the same throughout Goa, with the state government not offering a clear law on whether or not gambling online is legal, despite Goa being a major area where online gambling takes place. Some online games like reactoonz allow you to test your luck for free in an online casino, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which welcomes users from all over the world. 

Are The Casinos Safe In Goa?

The casinos in Goa have a reputation for being very safe. Just like most casinos around the world, security guards are employed in Goa. There is a friendly fun vibe in most casinos here with a diverse clientele, at the end of the day it is aimed at tourists. The legal age to gamble in Goa is 18, however many of the casinos only allow access to those who are 21 and over, so you might need to take proof of age as bouncers are known to take this subject very seriously. Families with children may be allowed into the premises however anybody under the age of 21 will not be granted access to the gaming floor. 

Goa, Where Casinos Are Not Always Bricks And Mortar!

Initially the Indian law stated it was illegal to gamble on Indian land, however there was no regulation put in place that didn’t allow casinos to open on water. Many took advantage of this loophole by operating casino cruise ships which operated at sea which avoided breaking the law of the land. After the law was altered in Goa at a later date, allowing casinos to open on land and gambling take place in the state, many of these casinos remained on water. In 2015 Goa boasted 15 casinos in total, 4 of which were at sea. 

The Delta Royale-Goa

This incredible floating casino is very popular among punters and tourists while in Goa. The Delta Royale is the biggest luxury casino in the state. Located on the gorgeous Mandovi River, this 40,000 square foot cruise ship offers guests a unique casino experience. The casino has three levels with approximately 900 different games to choose from. The ship is family friendly and even has a children’s area, so while parents can test their luck at one of the many games the ship has to offer, the kids can keep themselves entertained. You can also take in the live entertainment the ship offers, like stand up comedians and comedy shows, live bands and professional dancers.  The casino has a room dedicated for poker, which is not found in hardly any of the other casinos in Goa. It also contains another room specifically dedicated for punters to play Indian Flush, a popular game in the country known to locals as Teen Patti. Onboard the ship you can take a break from gambling and enjoy one of many single malt whiskeys available to choose from at the whiskey lounge. They also offer hand rolled cigars! Its fine dining gourmet restaurant gives you the chance to enjoy their popular multi-cuisine buffet. If you want to avoid the crowded gaming floor and want something a bit more exclusive, why not check out the one of the VIP gaming suites available to guests. The ship offers free access to wifi to their guests, so if you’d like to gamble online, you can check out their casino bonus

The Delta Royale is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, casinos in Goa have been temporarily suspended since March 2020. It might be worth your while contacting the casino before you decide to go for a night’s gambling. Expect strict new rules to be enforced in all of Goa’s casinos, including mask wearing and social distancing at game tables to contain the spread of the virus. Entry fee for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday is 4,000 INR, this includes 2,500 worth of game credit. On Tuesday, the entry fee is only 2,500 which also includes 1,000 game credits. The entry fee includes all you can eat at the buffet restaurant and your alcohol drinks until 1AM. You can access the ship at Noah’s Ark, Dayanand Bandodkar Road, RND Jetty, Panaji. People must be aged 21 or over to gain access to gambling at the casino.

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