Can Stablecoins Give Bitcoin A Run for Its Money In 2021?

Bitcoin may be the king of the Cryptocurrency world, but many central banks are issuing stablecoins, and these coins are giving tough competition to Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin too. Stablecoins have several benefits or advantages that are attracting more people and investors towards the world of stablecoins.

Though Bitcoin is getting more institutional recognition not many central governments are in support of Bitcoin. With the rising market of stablecoins, a question is arising, Can Steblecoins Give Bitcoin A Run For Its Money In 2021?

The Benefits Of Stablecoins Over Bitcoin

Here are some reasons why it is believed that stablecoins can give Bitcoin a run for its money in 2021.

1.    Stability

The very name of stablecoins is implying towards their stability. As stablecoins are backed with any form of assets and fiat currencies, it offers greater stability than Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

And we know about the stability that Bitcoin offers. Bitcoin is well known for its volatility. However, the volatile nature of Bitcoin attracts most investors to gain a huge amount by investing a little. Common people seek stability more than becoming a millionaire overnight.

2.    Centralized

As Stable coins are backed with assets and fiat currencies, it is totally centralized. However, there are some stable coins that are backed with Cryptocurrencies. The scenario is different for this. To invest in bitcoins online you can use weedprofitsystem

Cryptocurrency backed stablecoins are not centralized. They are totally decentralized, just like Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. The centralization of stablecoins makes it safer for common people.

3.    Backed by Assets

As I have mentioned earlier, centralized stablecoins are backed with assets of fiat currencies. Generally, fiat-backed stablecoins have a ratio of 1:1 if you are wondering what this ratio means.

The backed ratio is 1:1 for fiat currency backed stablecoins. A single unit of stablecoin is equivalent to a single unit of fiat currency. So, currently, most of the stablecoins are backed with the United States dollars. 

4.    Widely Accepted

When it comes to the perspective of acceptance, we all know what the truth is. As the stablecoins are backed with assets and fiat currencies, are centralized, and are not volatile in nature, they are accepted widely. Most of the countries do not have any specific laws and regulations regarding Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

In some countries, Cryptocurrencies are also banned. And on the other hand, stablecoins are totally centralized and issued by the central banks, so, it is accepted in almost all cases.

5.    Regulatory acceptance

From the earlier discussion, it is clear that if we consider regulatory acceptance for both the stablecoins and Bitcoin along with other Cryptocurrencies, the stablecoins will win the battle. As stable coins are issued by the central banks or government bodies and backed with assets or fiat currencies, the regulatory acceptance of stablecoins is very high.

However, in many countries, retailers accept payments through Bitcoins and some other Cryptocurrencies; the regulatory acceptance of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency is nowhere near to stablecoins.

Here is a better understanding for you all





Under or overvaluation

The basic concept of a stable coin is upon the stabilization of the value in case of over or undervaluation.

Bitcoin does not fall under this criterion. That is why it faces fluctuations and volatility.

Centralization or insurance

All stable asset-backed coins are centralized, and there is insurance for fiat-backed stablecoins.

This is totally decentralized.

Payment Mode

Widely accepted.

Only a few retailers accept it.

Store of Value

As this is backed with fiat currency or assets, it has a great potential for the store of value.

As it is backed with any asset, the store of value can not be considered here.

Volatile Nature

It has very low volatility.

It has high volatility.


It is used widely for remittance and payment.

The usage is restricted here to trading. But gradually it is increasing.

Regulatory Acceptance


Most economic regulators are against Bitcoin.


So, it is now clear that stablecoins has the potential to defeat Bitcoin in this battle of stablecoins versus Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. But Bitcoin is also securing its market with more institutional support and an impressive value price.

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