Gambling Laws Around Asia

One thing that has always stuck around with humans since the dawn of time was the thrill of the gamble. We are wired to find joy and entertainment in games that have a risk and reward factor to it. So, it comes as no surprise as to how big the gambling industry has become globally. In fact, in many countries there are over 30 billion dollars worth in transactions on a yearly basis. For many countries, it is even considered as a major, or even a primary, source of income.

However, not many countries are as open as others. Most notably, North America and Europe have the most relaxed and accepting laws about gambling in the world. As the yearly incomes of people from these countries become more lucrative, many countries that are not as open are slowly starting to follow suit. Most notably, countries in Asia. Here are some examples of Asian countries that are slowly opening up to the world of gambling.


Japan is a unique case where they are extremely strict on gambling rules and regulations, banning most casinos and gambling activity, due to its association with the black market. However, regardless of these regulations, gambling is still one of the biggest and most enjoyed past times in the country.

This is because traditional gambling games such as slots and roulettes are banned, but sports events are considered to be an auspicious and monumental occasion, and betting on it is seen to be a sign of good luck. Thus, activities such as horse racing, motorcycle and car racing, powerboat racing, bicycle racing, and even sports such as football and baseball are widely celebrated. Betting is highly encouraged as it is seen to be giving support to your local and favourite teams.

Online gambling on the other hand is extremely popular in Japan, even though it is illegal. Players have different methods to access online casinos, such as the ones reviewed by 6takarakuji over here . The gambling scene in Japan does not look like what you might see in the West. There are no roulette tables or slot machines, but there are a ton of arcade games and sport events with houses operating specifically for you to bet on your favourite team.


Macau has legalized gambling for over 200 years, ever since the Portugueses government legalized it during the colonization period. With its long history with the past time, Macau is currently known as the “gambling capital of the world”.

True to its title, the country actually survives and thrives off of gambling. In fact, it is Macau’s biggest source of revenue, with more than half of the country’s economic income coming from casino tourism. Gambling is so integrated within the culture of Macau that it overtook Las Vegas’ revenues since 2007, and have been widening the gap ever since.

The games available in Macau are generally split into one of four categories. Casino games, sports betting, lotteries and greyhound racing. With this large variety, there is something for everyone. However, currently, Macau has not yet made any announcement nor laws or regulations regarding online gambling particularly.

Crowned with the title of “gambling capital of the world”, Macau not only generates the highest amount of gambling revenue in the world, but it also leaves every other gambling capital in the dust, including Las Vegas and Ibiza.


The Chinese government has barred any forms of gambling, thus casinos have been outlawed in the country since 1949. The laws are so strict that any form of gambling by citizens is illegal. That includes online and offline gambling or even betting on games that are held outside the country.

With such strict punishments, it comes as a surprise that in practice, the Chinese citizens are absolutely enticed by the gambling industry. In fact the most common past time for many mainland Chinese citizens is playing the numbers and participating in state run lotteries. Plus, those of a higher income bracket share a similar trait of frequenting other countries such as the US and Macau to be able to play outside their government’s jurisdiction.

Many Chinese businessmen even go so far as to open up offshore accounts in order to bet and play without worrying about their government cracking down. Usually opening Swiss or American bank accounts for easier proxy.

In China, you might not be able to find any real or valid places to gamble, as it is generally outlawed throughout the whole country. But, you will find many gambling enthusiasts that will be happy to show you
how they operate their underground facility and welcome you to play.

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