U.K. to Review Gambling Laws and consider slots limits

UK players as well as international gamblers who chose casinos running on a UK GC license enjoy a safe gaming environment. This is one of the most respectable regulatory bodies, so players are naturally inclined to sign up for an account at casinos running on its licenses. As for the casinos themselves, they accept the heightened scrutiny and the fact that they are subject to higher taxes for the sake of enhanced credibility. The UK gaming industry is now concerned about the prospect of MPs increasing taxes, while decreasing the maximum slots limits.

The days of slots highrollers are numbered

Most of the online casino players at sites like fruityking.co.uk/ who bet larger amounts prefer table games, especially those played against real dealers. There are, however, plenty of enthusiastic slots fans who bet larger amounts on these games and they are in for a rude awakening. Members of the parliament have decided that the amount spent by some players on slots are simply too high to be sustainable. They decided to do something about it and save players from themselves by limiting the maximum amount that can be wagered on these popular games.

After discussing the matter with specialists, the Gambling Related Harm All Party Parliamentary group came up with what it considered to be an acceptable figure. If their proposition becomes reality, slots fans will not be allowed to bet in excess of £2 per spin, regardless of the game of choice. The reason behind this action is to combat what the MPs regard as a public health crisis that affects mainly slots players. They highlight the fact that these games pose the risk of players losing large amounts very quickly.

This is not the first decision aimed at limiting the amount spent by players on slots and it mirrors the actions taken in brick-and-mortar casinos. Those who used to gamble in land-based gaming hubs were also confronted with similar restrictions when spinning the reels of slots. Regulators highlight the fact that online players can bet larger amounts much faster than they would in traditional casinos. That’s why they found it worthwhile to restrict the maximum betting limits on slots, but other games could follow.

A major concern for unlicensed casinos

Online gambling operators who have applied for a license with the UK GC and were granted one are not
exactly surprised by this decision. They had the precedent of fixed odds betting terminals which had the
same fate, but shrinking the maximum slots wagers is frustrating for them. Their representatives have
complained about the fact that this decision will push players away, potentially to unlicensed online
casinos. This would defeat the purpose of protecting players, as it would put them in harm’s way.
Unlike other decisions that affected some casinos more than others, slots limits would affect all of them
indiscriminately. Many were already having a hard time staying afloat after multiple tax hikes and were
concerned about further limitations. This could also affect players, if casinos decide to cut their losses by
removing or shrinking bonuses and other ongoing and recurrent promotions.

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