5 SEO Misconceptions that You Should Strictly Avoid

Search engine optimization is quite a tricky platform that requires a lot of techniques to make your rank effective on the search engine. However, when there are large ways to optimize your content and website to rank better on the SERP, there are plenty of tricks and methods for SEO optimization. But it comes along with a large number of misconceptions about SEO which are unnecessary for your website, and at the same time, it can have negative impacts on your ranking. Thus it is important to know about all the misconceptions so that you can know properly where to invest your efforts and where not. Here are the popular misconceptions that you must avoid to ensure the top-notch ranking for your page:

It is good to create lengthy content

Though there is a misconception about the contents that bigger is better, it is not at all. Content is the main component of your SEO which is important to scale for the proper page optimization.  Safari SEO Company Adelaide state that search engines usually prioritize valuable and fresh content for rankings that attract more potential customers. However, it does not mean that you should unnecessarily lengthen the content to target the SEO for your page ranking. Lengthy content is good, but it must not be unnecessary.  It is important to match the content for the need of the content and to align with your business goal. Thus make sure you are adding more value to the content rather than unnecessary words. Any reckoned SEO Agency Melbourne can help you to create much useful content.

Using a lot of keywords is good

Keywords are the backbone of SEO. Thus the keyword implementation in the content must be done to make it become the target for the SEO boost. However, the misconception is that using more and more keywords in your content will boost the performance of your content.  Not at all! It only leads to keyword stuffing which is a terrific mistake in terms of SEO. Google and other search engines filter the pages and mark that keyword stuffing as the offending matter, which is not anymore a useful idea. Thus make sure you are placing the keywords strategically while keeping the content more meaningful.

More and more link-building help

Link building is one of the most important factors for your SEO, and it is very much important to boost your SEO to have better visibility on the Search Engine. However, what is more important about link building is the link quality over the link quantity. Using a single link from an authoritative website is much more useful than using a large number of low-quality links. Thus rather than adding more and more links, focus on using high-quality links from reputable sources, which help in better ranks.

Robots.txt, redirects, etc., are less important

While many SEO optimizers overlook the adding of the redirect and robots.txt to the website, thinking that it is less necessary, it works as one of the main components. The various parts of your website, like the redirects, server response, and no response codes, usually have a much more effective impact on your ranking in the search engines. Thus it is important to kick off the misconceptions regarding it. It is better to monitor the changes and continue with the changes using different tools, which is important to boost the performance of your website.

Content marketing is capable of replacing SEO

It is a very common misconception that when you focus on content marketing, you don’t have to worry about SEO anymore. However, no matter how effective and useful content marketing is, it can never replace SEO for the better ranking and visibility of your page. Thus just creating content for the content marketing won’t help much. It is important to include SEO to make the ranking more obvious.


Whether you go for the search engine optimization for your website, it is important to make sure that you are addressing all the misconceptions about it. At the same time, it is important to boost your website ranking by performing the proper SEO practices.

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