In Season: A List Of Colorful Plants To Plant in Your Garden

Planting flowers can directly benefit the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen to humans and animals. Thus, improving the air quality. Moreover, there are different types of flowers you can choose from depending on your preferences. You may choose based on its colors or based on its symbolism. The wide variety of plants is what makes planting an exciting activity.

In addition to this, there are more benefits in planting and what these plants can do to the environment. Also, it is never late when it comes to planting flowers. It is essential to produce what is in the season to prevent your plant from dying. Here are ten flowers you can check out and the seasons when you can plant them.

Empire Blue Butterfly Bush

Buddleja Davidii, or Empire Blue Butterfly Bush and known as Summer Lilac, is a low-maintenance shrub that easily attracts bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies in your backyard. It has scented blue and violet flower spikes that bloom in mid to late summer and an upright shrub with green slender, arching foliage. This plant should be fully exposed to sunlight and is very adaptable to dry and moist places. Empire Blue Butterfly Bush does better in warmer zones and can be vulnerable during winter and freezing weather.

Creeping Phlox

The botanical name of this plant is Phlox stolonifera, and it is also recognized with its amusing name, Creeping Phlox. In contrast to its intimidating name, this plant has vibrant starry flowers in blue, red, pink, yellow, lavender, and white. Amazingly, it can grow over a rockery and colorful spring. However, it does not do well in full sun, so it will be best to place them where it can receive part shade. You can check for more information on how to tend this plant.


Iris is an easy to grow plant that is named after a Greek goddess of rainbows. There are over 300 species in its family, but there are two main recognized varieties: bearded Irises and crested. Bearded Iris can be identified with soft hairs along the center, and crested Iris forms a ridge. Most Iris bloom from early spring to early summer and need at least six hours of sunlight every day. Do not forget to keep them in well-drained soil.

Blue Star

Blue Star is a low-maintenance plant native to some regions in North America and got its name from its blue star-shaped petals. It is a cluster of flowers found in sandy, wet, rich, and rocky woods. Blue Flower blooms in spring in humus-rich soil. This flower thrives well in full sun so remember to plant them under light sunlight to partial shade. You can start tending the seeds in the fall and transplant them in spring.

Madagascar Periwinkle

Periwinkle is a medicinal and ornamental plant that is native to Madagascar, and its flower is in white, pink, and purple colors. This plant does not require much attention and is pest-free. Periwinkle is very adaptive and can tolerate wetter, temperate zones. Also, avoid overwatering this plant and only water them in the hottest periods. You can start planting your Madagascar Periwinkle in spring.


If you want a nice splash of blue in your garden, Forget-Me-Nots is a good flower for that. This plant can survive for many years because of its ability to reseed and spread in your garden. It also does not attract any harmful pests, and instead, it entices butterflies. Depending on your location, give Forget-Me-Nots an excellent full sun if you are from the North, and let this plant enjoy the afternoon shade if you are from the South. The best time to plant them is in spring and wait for them to bloom the following season.


Clematis is the queen of vines that looks stunningly beautiful because of its flowers. This plant can be considered ornamental to your garden and has various colors, sizes, and shapes. The flowers of this vine are usually in purple, pink, red, blue, white, or bicolor. Place this plant where its leaves can receive sunlight; meanwhile, its base and roots should be under a shade. Also, you can plant them in summer and keep them well-watered.

Morning Glory

Morning glory is another beautiful flowering vine on this list. They can grow fast and tend to go out of hand. So plant them in spaces where they can go wild, like in a fence or arbor. Also, one exciting thing about its flower is that it opens in the morning and closes in the afternoon. Morning Glories appreciate a sunny spot because they need full sun to bloom excellently.


You do not have to be strict in planting. Learn to have fun while dedicatedly tending your plants. After all, you are the one who chose the type of plants that you are trying to grow. Do not restraint yourself and try experimenting with the flowers to grow in your garden. Do not be afraid because you are also helping the environment.

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